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Planning your trip

Learn about the conditions and regulations that correspond to your flight. Find out about our services and make your trip a great experience.


Baggage Policy

Know the characteristics of the baggage you can take on your flight.

Avianca Travel Smart

Purchase and include our additional products and services on your trip and choose how you want to fly.​

Payment Methods

Find out the payment methods you can use in the country where you make your purchase.

Travel Insurance

Enjoy comprehensive assistance and support during your trips.​​​​

How to purchase

Learn how easy and safe it is to purchase tickets from your mobile device or computer.

​​Special Services

Select the special service that best fits your specific needs.

Fare Options

Choose the most convenient alternative when purchasing your tickets.

Legal Requirements

Verify that you have all the documents and you meet the requirements to travel to your destination.

Upgrade your experience

Fly on Business Class, like you always dreamed.