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Travel tips

You find the best advice that will be very useful when you travel with us. 

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Placido program

If the idea of getting into a plane fills you with dread and you want to learn how to control this fear, enroll in our seminar-workshop, where you'll learn how to reduce the fear of flying.

Programa placido Avianca

Preventative measures

Here we share with you a series of prevention tips that you should take into account before flying or during your flight.

medidas preventivas Avianca

Relaxation exercises

You'll be shown a series of stretching exercises to help your body be more relaxed during the flight. Put these tips into practice and you'll definitely have a much more enjoyable trip.

ejercicios de relajación Avianca


Avoid excessive alcohol consumption as pressure changes during the flight can increase its effects on the body. 

estado de embriaguez Avianca