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Baggage policy

Before you pack, get to know the size and weight restriction as well as the items you’re allowed to transport in your baggage so you’re able to enjoy your flight without delays. Please keep our recommendations in mind.

  • Free baggage allowance

    You can take baggage at no ex​tra ​​cost. Find all the information about weights and sizes here.

  • Carry-on baggage

    The weight of your carry-on baggage allowance ​varies according to your LifeMiles or Star Alliance status, or the class you’re flying in.​​

  • Pets on board

    Please take into account our recommendations according to the characteristics of the flight and your pet.​​

  • Additional Baggage

    Your baggage may be overweight or oversized. Please check the costs that apply according to your flight.​

  • Baggage with partner airlines​

    If you’re flying with partner airlines in codeshare or interline agreements, check the baggage policy that applies to your trip.​​

  • Special baggage​

    You can transport baby strollers, musical instruments and other items which require special handling.

  • Dangerous goods

    Certain items are considered hazardous and are not allowed on our flights. Find out what they are.

  • Baggage irregularities

    We make every effort to take care of your baggage, but in some occasions our responsibility is limited.​

  • Sports equipment

    You can transport some sporting goods without paying additional fees. Confirm the sizes and weights here.​

  • General recommendations​

    Practical tips when packing, checking in and claiming your baggage.​