Mobile check in

Remember that when you use the Mobile Check In service your boarding pass will be displayed directly in your smartphone and you don't need to print it, you can simply show it from your mobile device at the airport module or at the boarding gate according to your specific case. 

For Colombia, find out which routes that operate in the Puente Aéreo Terminal (T2) and in El Dorado International Airport (T1).

  1. Access the Avianca aplication from your smartphone or from your browser via and select the check-in option.
  2. Enter your booking code or ticket number and fill out the required information.
  3. On completion you'll receive your mobile boarding pass, you dont need to print it.
  4. Show your boarding pass using your smartphone at the boarding gate.
To browse through the tabs use the arrow keys. Activate tabs using Enter key or Tab key. If you are reading this content through reader press shift + enter in order to access tab content. To return to the tabs, use the Shift and Tab keys


  • Keep your boarding pass visible at all times in order to present it at each security checkpoint, boarding area and when entering the aircraft.
  • If you have any problem with your cell phone and are unable to present the boarding pass when arriving at the airport, you can print it at one of the airport’s kiosks or go to the attention module.
  • If you did not save or if you lost the boarding pass in your cell phone, access Mobile Check In again and you will find it at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, enter your information once more and you will receive it immediately.
  • If you travel with hand luggage, remember to go to the security post with your ID document and boarding pass.
  • Be mindful of the time of arrival to the airport and the free baggage allowance.
  • In case you have any luggage to check in, you have to go to our counter to do so. There is a specific line for this process identified as “luggage check in”.
  • We have deployed airline collaborators at the airport to help you through the Check In process at the kiosks, via the Mobile App or at the attention modules.