Avianca Clubes

Avianca Clubs is an easy and convenient way to fly to the destinations of your dreams that are either operated by Avianca directly or through codeshare agreements with partner airlines. You can turn your time off into unforgettable experiences with access to the top hotels, tours and an excellent service with high availability levels (10,000 seats per day at your disposal).

How does it work?

Avianca Clubs is a credit option that lets you plan your vacation to any of the destinations served directly by Avianca or through codeshare agreements with partner airlines. Over a period of 2 and a half years (130 weeks), you'll pay a fixed fee according to the payment plan you select: paying in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments (if you choose the fortnightly or monthly option you'll have to pay the amount that corresponds to the number of weeks, which means that if you choose the bi-weekly option you'll have pay every two weeks) After paying installment No. 45 you'll be able to use your Avianca Club.

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Make flying to those destinations you've dreamed about a reality, or go back to those places where you have great memories.

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Remember that there are 130 weekly installments, with payments set up on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. The corresponding weekly payment amount is always the same, for example if you want to make a payment every two weeks, you'll have to pay the amount for 2 weeks installments.

For convenience you can make your payments at the following places:

​  Caja de Clubes
  ​225 west of the Plaza Mayor Rohmorser 
​  Banco Nacional of Costa Rica ​Account No. 100-01-000-213327-0
  ​Citibank account in Costa Rican Colones ​Account No. 117-113-002 -150916-1-1 in the name of Vu - Marsat.
​Banco Nacional account in Costa Rica Colones ​Account No. 151-000-100-12133277

Please keep in mind that when after making your bank deposits you need to send your proof of payment by email to:, with your Contract number. 

For added convenience, you can also request the home collection service or authorize a direct debit from your debit or credit card by filling out the consent form. 


We invite you to read our Avianca Club Contract in detail which has been authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with approval No. DIEE-CBS0010-009.

Terms of the Contract

CLAUSE 1. CONTRACTUAL PARTIES: This Contract is between the company Vu-marsat SA Corporate ID 3-101-299866, hereinafter called "the company" (a company duly authorized by the airlines which comprise Avianca for the marketing and issuing of airline tickets and other related air transport services) and the buyer .

CLAUSE 2. BUYER'S RIGHTS: after fulfilling all the obligations stipulated below, or having been selected in any of the draws in which this Contract has the right to participate in, the buyer acquires the right to travel with any of the airlines that comprise Avianca, to any of its destinations. Also payment of a fare difference may apply for shareholders of Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A. These services may be carried out using as a payment method the value of this Contract, provided the full amount of the signed Contract has been paid or the buyer has been granted or won a right, up to the amount chosen by the buyer in the Contract or when the condition stipulated in clause 3 below is met.

CLAUSE 3. HOW TO USE THE CONTRACT: The parties stipulate in favor of the Buyer that when payment of installment No.45 is made, without the purchaser being in arrears or incompliance with any of the obligations as stipulated in this Contract, shall be entitled to use the Club and use the services of the airlines which comprise Avianca, as stipulated in the second clause, provided they render a guarantee valid under Costa Rican law to the satisfaction of the creditor, to pay the remaining installments as established in the Contract. The Buyer may leverage this Contract in advance by paying the required installments to reach installment number 45, with the understanding that this advance payment will be credited to the last pending installments of the Contract. Also, if they want to pay early and this was used through another airline and helped out in their favor according to the prize draw promotion, under Clause Four, these will applied, but there will be no cash back, but in tickets or a miscellaneous charges order (MCO) for use on the airlines of Avianca.


A) the parties agree in favor of the Buyer, that as long as the Buyer is up to date with the payment of the installments agreed in this Contract, they will participate in all the prize draws based on the Lotería Nacional (National Lottery) results of the Junta de Protección Social de San José (Social Protection Board of San José), which happens every Sunday or if applicable a replacement date the board decides. If for some reason the board does not hold a draw one Sunday and does not move the date, the draw will be made during the week using this time the Lotería Popular - Chances (Popular Lottery) on the date this is held which is the Tuesday immediately following the Sunday. This Contract will win the specific prize as defined by Avianca Club if the following applies: if the number chosen by the Buyer coincides with the grand prize of the National Lottery and whether the last digit of the serial number coincides with the last serial number as chosen by the Buyer, this will result in them winning 100% of the rights stipulated in the Contract, if the three numbers of the major serial number and the number of highest jackpot, this will result in them winning 300% of the right stipulated in the Contract. If this Contract is favored in one of the draws the Buyer may exercise the right stipulated in their favor in the second clause above, without having to pay any of their installments and will receive a refund of the amount of the installments that for any reason they paid or paid in advance after the draw. This refund will be made through a miscellaneous charges order (MCO) for use in any of the services of the airline that comprise Avianca.
B) The arrears of two or more consecutive weekly installments will exclude the Buyer from participating in the weekly draw and the right to participate in the draws will not be reestablished until they pay the installments in arrears.
When the Club has become a loan from the company and is in arrears in one or more installments, the Buyer will be excluded from participation in the weekly draw and the right to participate in the draws will not be reestablished, until the installments in arrears are paid.
C) The home collection service made by a collector is a complimentary service of the company and as such the parties expressly agree that in the event the collector does not go to the registered Avianca Club holder's home it is in no way any excuse or justification, and does not waiver any responsibility whatsoever, to avoid payment of the installments as agreed under this Contract, as it is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to make payments either in the accounts of the Company or at their offices. If this complimentary service is suspended permanently, buyers will be informed by written communication and mass communication. In this case the Buyer will receive a telegram informing them about this suspension, five days in advance. Contracts of ¢500.00, ¢1,100.00 and ¢2,200.00 must be paid by bank transfer, credit or debit card, or in the collection counter in the offices of Vu Marsat SA and they are excluded from the home collection service, and will not be subject to credit and financing.

CLAUSE 5. INSTALLMENT PAYMENT METHODS: by signing this Contract, the Buyer agrees to pay the creditor in cash or through their authorized agents, the first three installments in advance and consecutively according to the payment method selected by the Club member at the time of signing the Contract. Installments can be paid at various points as follows: Vumarsat SA Offices 250 meters to the west of the Plaza Mayor in Rohrmorser, with operating hours from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday or by deposit in the following bank accounts: Bank Citi Colones # 117-113-002-150916-1-1, Banco Nacional Colones # 100-01000-213327-0, Banco de San José Colones #903215028, Banco de Costa Rica Colones #001-0275896-2. Once the deposit is made the Buyer is requested to send a fax with the payment receipt to number 2296-9172 or to the email: If payment be made by check, this should be made out to Vumarsat S. A. and is subject to acceptance. If the check is not honored by the bank, for any reason, the installment or installments will not be credited and if the Contract is a winner in the draw the prize will not be awarded to the Buyer.
Vumarsat SA may in any case, and only with the intention of providing a better service to Buyer, enable new payment points at any time, which will be communicated to Club holders in the payment receipts and through the website:

CLAUSE 6. VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL: the client may withdraw voluntarily from his Contract and is entitled to be reinstated in cash or services 50% of their paid installments according to the following withdrawal table:

​Club Code ​Number of Installments 
required for withdrawal
​Refund amount
​3005 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3010 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3020 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3040 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3050 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3080 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3120 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3114 ​40 ​50% of paid installments
​3116 ​40 ​50% of paid installments

If Buyer has not yet paid the required number of installments for withdrawal and wishes to withdraw their installments they may make extra payments to be able to benefit from the aforementioned right.

The Buyer agrees that the delay of payment of thirty installments or more will invalidate the Contract and it will be automatically terminated and they will waive their rights in favor of Vumarsat SA, as well as any notice and demand for payment.

CLAUSE 7. CEDING CLUB RIGHTS: during the period of this Contract the Buyer can "CEDE", for one time only, their ownership of the Club provided that their payments are current. For this to happen the owner or holder of the Club and the new buyer must go to the company headquarters of the company to make effective the transfer of rights. If this is not possible an express and written request of the Club owner and the new buyer, which is duly certified and authenticated by a Notary Public with copies of the ID document, also duly certified, will be accepted.

CLAUSE 8. SALES AGENT: the company is not liable for any offers made to the Buyer by sales agents and debt collectors who are not covered by this Contract.

CLAUSE 9. BENEFICIARIES: on the face of this Contract the Club holder may indicate a beneficiary in case of death. The beneficiary must go to the headquarters of the Company in order to effect the procedure to transfer rights, in the event the Club holder dies and the Club has not been used, then the beneficiary may terminate or pay the Contract to proceed with the credit. In this case they must deliver the original and a copy of the death certificate of the Club holder and a copy of the identity card of the Club recipient. If the Contract has been used as a credit at the time the Club holder dies, the guarantors will face the debts originated by the initial buyer.

CLAUSE 10. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: If the headquarters of the company change address, this will be communicated through publication in a national newspaper. Likewise the buyer will be informed by telegram or any other means of communication such as email, when it has been provided by the Club holder, with its respective acknowledgment of receipt. The Club holder is required to provide written communication of any change of address to the company Vumarsat S. A.

CLAUSE 11. WITHDRAWAL EXPIRATION: all the rights inherent in the present Contract and set forth in the second clause are valid for four years from the total payment of the installments of the Contract, or the date of the winning draw. If the Club holder, the beneficiary or the transferee has not made use of the rights in the period stated above their rights are automatically declared null and void once the notification has been made to the address stated in the Contract, in a period of five working days in advance, by written notice that includes a return receipt. 

CLAUSE 12. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FINAL PRODUCT: through this Contract the buyer acquires the stipulated right and signs for it, for the savings or financing of the purchase of airline tickets and other services listed in Clause II, on the routes of the airline that comprise the Avianca group. Once the final product that is object of this Contract is delivered, which is the airline ticket and the document that makes the user a creditor of any other service, the Contract will be deemed as complied with and the airline ticket and respective document delivered shall be governed by the provisions of the Contract of Carriage and IATA regulations and International Transport Conventions, and will respect the conditions set out in this second Contract, which will maintain the independence and autonomy of the Clubs Contract.

CLAUSE 13. SELECTION OF THE NUMBER AND SERIAL NUMBER: The undersigned accepts the number, serial number and amount of installments as indicated in the respective boxes as selected by them, at their sole responsibility.

CLAUSE 14. BREACH OF CONTRACT: In the event of non-compliance with this Contract by the Company, the Buyer shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid or if they prefer they can receive goods or service equal to those stipulated in this Contract.

CLAUSE 15. RATIFICATION AND SIGNATURES: the signatory parties hereby make clear that in accordance with the provisions of article 39 of the Law on Promotion of Competition and Effective Consumer Protection, the terms set forth herein have been duly read, that sufficient information has been provided and has been perfectly understood, and the signature has been added as a voluntary act of acceptance.

Avianca Clubs offers a range of options to let you realize your dreams of flying:


Advance Use

You can make use of the benefits offered by Avianca Clubs immediately after paying installment No 45. This payment can either be made in advance or according to the schedule you agreed previously.

Enjoy your early Avianca Club

Avianca airline tickets and/or codeshare agreements with other airlines

Get tickets for any of the routes operated by Avianca or through codeshare agreements with partner airlines. We have 10,000 seats per day at your disposal.

10,000 seats daily at your service

Avianca Vacations

You and your family can enjoy the best tourism packages available anywhere. These include services such as accommodation, transfers, meals, tours and the best service.

All-inclusive vacation plans

More benefits for you 

With your Avianca Club you always get more. With the number and serial number you choose in your Contract, you can participate every Sunday in our draw that uses the results of the Lotería Nacional (National Lottery) of the Junta de Protección Social de San José (Social Protection Board of San José).

If the number you chose and the last number of the serial number matches the lottery jackpot number, you'll win 100% of your Avianca Club.

If the number chosen and the 3 numbers of the serial number coincide with the grand prize, you'll win 300% of your Avianca Club. 

With your AviancaClub always want more

Because we want to make your dream of flying a reality, we offer you a credit option so you can buy your Avianca Club, in just 24 hours.

Requirements to obtain your Avianca Club in advance

  • Complete all the fields of the request form clearly. Please note that fields such as the address or telephone must be accurate.
  • You need to have a minimum of 45 installments paid, which may be paid according to what you set previously or by making an early payment. 

Fiduciary Guarantees

  • The member or owner of the Club is the debtor and must present one of the guarantors that are required subject to the credit analysis, which will be carried out in 24 hours. If the debtor is a salaried employee, they must attach a payment slip, attesting to employment greater than 1 year and a half, and if they are self-employed, they must submit a certificate issued by a certified public accountant, CPA.
  • Homemakers, students and pensioners can be debtors filing when they comply with the required guarantees.
  • If a resident is already a debtor, they cannot be a guarantor or another debtor and vice versa.

Documents and requirements

  • Photocopies of valid and legible current ID documents (photo and signature).
  • Valid payment slips of the debtor and guarantor(s).
  • Employment certificate issued no more than 30 days ago which states a term of employment greater than 1 year and a half in the specific company.
  • Be up to date in the payment of the agreed and scheduled installments, remember that to redeem your Avianca Club you must at a minimum have paid installment No. 45
  • Completed credit form which should be presented in our office (225 oeste de Plaza Mayor Rohmorser)

Other guarantees

We also offer other guarantee options for your credit and you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Collateral and Mortgage guarantee: a lawyer assigned by us will be in charge of making the respective appraisal and analysis.
  • Certificate Deposit (CD): this time based certificate will cover at least 110% of the loan and will be kept in the custody of the Credit Office until completely paid.

For your convenience, please contact us at the following telephone numbers:(506) 22 96 90 96 

extension 24 or 35
extension 25 or 27
extension 36, 22, 21 or 20 ​
extension 39
Avianca vacations and counter
extension 30 or 29 ​

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