Press Kit

Find the profiles of our executives and documents related to our Company. 

Avianca in numbers

5794 weekly

We have a fleet of 181 aircraft

107 destinations
in 28 countries 

7 million members
of LifeMiles

Data Sheet

Fin our relevant data of our fleet, routes, operation centers and lines of business.
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Corporate Profiles

Find out the corporate profiles of our executives. 

German Efromovich
Co-founder of Avianca
Holdings S.A. and Chairman
of the Board of Directors

Roberto Kriete
Co-founder of Avianca
Holdings S.A and member
of the Board of Directors.

Hernan Rincon
Executive President of
Avianca and Avianca
Holdings S.A.

Press contact

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Avianca Communications Team:

Phone number: (571) 587 7700 Ext. 2246