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How to buy in

​Steps for buying on our site web

Follow these steps to make your purchase:

Step 1. Select your journey type: One-way or round trip. Indicate the departure and destination cities, travel dates and number of people: infants, children or adults. Click on the “Search” button.

Step 2. Select your flight(s) by clicking on the radio button (white circle) next to your preferred fare(s). Then hit the "Next" button.

Please note: The minimum advance purchase time before the scheduled flight departure is 11 hours for international flights and 8 hours for domestic flights.​

Please note: The minimum time allowed to buy a ticket before a flight, according to the scheduled flight departure time, is 8 hours before for the outbound flight and 12 hours before for the return flight for international destinations. For domestic destinations (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) it is 4 hours before for the outbound flight and 7 hours before for the return flight.​

Step 3. In this screen you must check the information about your selected flight(s): route, departure and arrival times, date, flight number, plane type and detailed information about the fare option. Click on "Next”. 

Step 4. If you are a LifeMiles member please enter your membership number and password so we can automatically fill out the form for you. If you are not a member please enter the Passenger's information and email and telephone number. Click on "Continue". 

Step 5. Confirm the passenger's information. If you want you can choose the “Assign seat” option. Click on "Next" and choose an available seat on the plane where you want to sit during the flight (follow the instructions) and click on "Next". 

Step 6. Accept the “Cancellation and Change Penalty Policies”, and the “Transport Contract and general Terms and Conditions” and also accept the “Fares, taxes and surcharges (included in the total price)”. Click on "Continue". 

Step 7. Choose the payment method, enter the requested information and click “Pay”. is the easiest way to travel with the best fares!

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Security tips when purchasing on

Security is at the forefront of everything we do at We understand that safeguarding your personal information is vitally important and we have strict policies in place to protect against fraud. We strongly recommend you read the following tips:

We never store your pay card information.

We never request confidential credit card information via email, or directly through our call center agents. If we need any information it will be always be requested through our secure audio response system.

We will never ask you to deposit the cost of any airline ticket in personal bank accounts.

Don't trust anyone who says they are from Avianca offering you airline tickets at prices cheaper than those published through any of our sales channels (, sales offices, call center, travel agencies). These could be fraud attempts.

In some cases we may need to contact you and validate your purchase to prevent fraud. Enter your phone numbers when requested during your transaction on​

Avoid online fraud

We strive to guarantee you the highest safety standards on all the transactions you make through; however, we are confident that the best strategy to reduce online fraud is by prevention.

There has been an increase in the number of victims of so-called Phishing attacks, a cyber crime or scam attempting to steal confidential information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other personal details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in a communication. Criminals try to steal your information by pretending to be your bank or send emails that appear to be from your friends. Phishing scams normally occur via email, but phishing attempts via instant messaging or even phone calls have also been reported.  

How prevent the Phishing, One of the most common forms of online fraud:

Don’t click on links in emails

Many dangerous emails invite you to click on a link and then ask you for personal information. Please note that Avianca will never ask you for confidential information. If in doubt, please go directly to our website, never click on link in an email.

If you need to visit a webpage enter the address manually

When visiting a website enter the address manually, this will prevent you being redirected to other pages. If the site asks you for confidential information you must check that https:// appears in the address bar together with a closed padlock icon in the bottom right corner of your browser screen: You must also make sure that the website address is correct and there are no small errors in the names, missing or extra letters, etc.

Reduce the amount of spam you receive

Reduce the risk of receiving phishing emails by using the spam settings in your email account or software that allows you to filter the junk/spam email you receive.

Avoid sending sensitive information by email

This is an important point to take into account, not just because criminals can intercept your emails but because anyone could access your computer or the computer of the person you sent the confidential information to and misuse it.

Use a trusted computer

When you are performing any type of transaction or making online purchases, do it from a trusted computer and avoid purchasing products in public places. If for whatever reason you have to use a public computer, make sure they have an updated antivirus program enabled and also manually enter the addresses of any pages you want to visit.

Corroborate special offers​

When viewing deals on the Internet make sure you verify if the information is true by checking the media made available by the airline or travel agencies. Better still, make sure you purchase tickets directly with the airline operating the flight.​

​1. I made a purchase th​rough but now I’m unable to travel. Do I need to cancel the purchase? Can I request a ticket refund?

Yes, you must cancel your purchase. To do this you must contact our call center, before your travel date. Depending on the Fare Type  you purchased, you may need to pay a penalty fee to change the date of your ticket. Please note that cancelations are subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare you selected at the time of purchase. 

To request your refund, contact our call center

2. Can I change the name​ on my ticket?

Tickets are nontransferable, and as such you cannot make changes.​

3. I made a mistake when typing the first and last name(s) on my ticket, what can I do​?

Contact our call center to check your case.​​​

4. How can I make sure my purchase was successful?

Check you received an email from us, where you’ll find the ticket number. You can also confirm you ticket number in the Ticket Status option (located on the home page).

5. If I pay with a company credit card what name app​ears on the receipt?

The purchase receipt is issued in the name of the registered passenger. It is not possible to issue the receipt in the company name or the cardholder’s name as this document is generated by the system in the name of the passenger.

6. How can I check th​e details of a purchase made by credit card via Avianca payment methods?

To validate the credit card information, the cardholder must contact our call center. For security reasons surrounding the personal data of our Users, we can’t perform validations through our “Online support” service.

7. Can I make a booking and bu​y my ticket later?

At present, for flights operated by TACA, the service is only available for flights in Peru. In this case payment must be made in the Banco de Crédito del Perú, 24 hours after making the booking. For the rest of the country you must pay for your ticket when making your booking.

8. Are airport tax​es included in the ticket price?

Taxes are included in your ticket price. However, some countries do not charge taxes through the airline. In these cases you must pay the corresponding taxes at the airport of the destination country. 

9. How long is my ticket v​alid for?

Your ticket is valid for one (1) year, from the date of issue and not the start of your trip. It’s worth mentioning that this is independent from the fact that each fare has a certain validity period for its use, so in certain cases if the fare expires the ticket may be used if you pay the penalties and fare leveling charges that applies.

​​10. Is my ticket​ refundable for flights operated by TACA? 

Please check your purchase confirmation for the type of fare you bought. In the majority of cases an administration fee applies to process the request, which will be deducted from the refu​ndable amount. It is important to mention that some taxes are non-refundable. To request a refund you can call our call center.​