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Benefits of Star Alliance

Organize your trips according to your interests and make your dream of seeing the world come true.

Vote to award one of the finalist persons or organizations

We recently gave Star Alliance travelers the opportunity to win an amazing trip around the world with one of our 12 inspiring itineraries.

We want you to help us choose someone else who may live his or her own global adventure. A group of travel bloggers, contacted by Star Alliance, has nominated several special people to receive a trip around the world.

You can be a part of this acknowledgement by helping us choose a person that in your opinion deserves this wonderful experience. We know that you appreciate the benefits of international travel and that you like to travel around the world.

Find out more about our candidates and vote for your favorite until October 31.


Where would you go?

Our 12 inspirational itineraries show some of the most spectacular locations around the planet.

From palaces to ancient cities, wonders of modern architecture or impressive nature scenes, to the most exclusive places to eat and drink, find the destination of your dreams at

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