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Take care of your health with CardioFly

Prevent tiredness and takes care of your heart while you travel with an application designed by Avianca and the Clinica Shaio.​​​​​​


During your flight, this tool gives you recommendations to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Program three types of alarms and the application will remind you when
you must:




To prevent the sickness that you may experience during long haul flights, we recommend that you:

Carry out the exercise and stretching routines recommended to improve circulation in your body.

Follow the health tips to maintain your energy.

On CardioFly you will find:

Begin flight

Enter your flight
information in order to receive
alerts during your flight.

Onboard alerts

These alerts will let you
know when you must exercise
to improve your circulation.

Health tips

Find health tips that will
be useful while you travel
and during your daily life.

Airplane mode alerts

Receive recommendations for your
health during your flight without the
need for an internet connection.


With a healthy heart your trips will be more pleasurable. We invite you to use CardioFly on each of your flights.

Download CardioFly for free
on your mobile device.