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Payment methods in​

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If your credit card was issued in a country which does not appear in the list of our regions or countries on the map, you can make your purchase in Other Countries.​​

Payment methods

In Peru you can pay directly from your savings account or in cash without having to use your credit card.

Below you'll find the various alternative payment methods available in Peru:​

Use the transaction number assigned by SafetyPay to pay your ticket using your on-line banking or paying cash at any branch of Interbank, Scotiabank, BBVA, BCP, Caja Trujillo and/or Caja Tacna.

Instructions on how to create your Transaction Number

1. On the confirmation page, click on the 'process your payment with SafetyPay' link located on the right-hand side of the screen. You'll be sent to the SafetyPay website.

2.Select 'US dollar' as the currency to pay for the ticket and also your preferred bank. Please remember if you are going to make your payment using BCP at bank branches or bank agents you must select 'cash' from the list of payment option.

3. Please indicate your preferred payment method, online banking or cash.

4. When you confirm your information, please make sure you save your transaction number as it is needed when you make your payment online or at a branch.

Please note

You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day you made your booking to purchase your ticket.​

If you choose the bank’s Website

Go to the website of your preferred bank and follow the corresponding instructions. Don’t forget to have your token key or dynamic key at hand and the transaction number.

If you choose to pay at a branch or BCP Agents

Make the payment in the bank with the transaction number provided by SafetyPay. Your payment will only be confirmed when you’ve completed all the steps.

Make sure you check the opening hours of the bank you choose.​

You can pay your ticket using the bank website or at any of the branches, showing the code that we assign you if you select this option. Please make the booking a minimum 38 hours before the flight.

If you go to a branch

  • You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day you made your booking to purchase your ticket only via bank deposit.
  • Ask the bank teller about the purchase service for Avianca airline tickets.
  • Deposit the exact amount in account: 193-1917867-1-02.

Pay with BCP Agents

​You can pay for your airline tickets at have more than 5,800 affiliated commercial establishments.

Please note

  • You can only pay using Soles.
  • The maximum amount is S/. 800.
  • You must provide your booking code (PNR) to the agent and this number: 02691.

When choosing Interbank you can pay for your ticket with the booking code using the bank’s website, at @l Toque payment points or directly at their branches.

If you make your booking more than 34 hours before your flight you can pay for your ticket up to 24 hours after making the booking.

To purchase through the website of the bank and at @l Toque points

1. Enter your user and password.

2. In 'pay receipts' select the option 'various'.

3. Choose the account you want to be debited.

4. Select Avianca as the service company.

5. Enter the booking code and follow the steps until you complete the operation.

Please note that when paying at branches, you must check the opening hours of the selected bank.​

In Spain you can book and purchase with our sales advisors. Find out more information ​​(only​ available in spanish).​

You can now pay for your tickets in cash through the branches of the Banco de Bogotá bank if you prefer to use this payment method.

To pay for your booking in person, please take the following information into account:

1. Make your reservation and select the "Pay at a Bank Branch" payment method.

2. When you select "Pay" you'll see the details of your reservation and you can generate the payment coupon.

3. You must print this payment coupon in a laser printer.

4. Make the payment before the deadline (date and time) as indicated on the coupon, otherwise your reservation will be canceled, the payment will not be received in the bank and your new booking fee may vary.

5. Only pay in the branches of Banco de Bogotá. Other Group Aval banks or banking correspondents are not enabled for payment.

6. We recommend you check the opening hours of the bank branch.

7. Make the payment in cash.

8. Once you pay at the bank, you'll receive the ticket in your email.

Vía Baloto

This payment method will be activated soon.


This payment method will be activated soon.


Please note, when using these alternative payment methods you don't qualify for the additional LifeMiles miles bonuses that are credited for online purchases made in

Write to Avianca

After making your payment you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to write us at