Gift Card

What is it?

It’s an ideal gift for people you appreciate, who can use the gift card to acquire Avianca products and services by Avianca, Avianca Tours and Avianca Store.

You can buy the gift card at our sales offices. You also have access to specialized telephone attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Where can you buy it?

The Gift Card can only be bought at our sales offices in Colombia. You charge the card with credit of between COP 50,000 and COP 1,000,000. In Colombia you can redeem it at the Avianca Store​, sales offices or at travel agencies. Please note that although it is not rechargeable, it is reusable, which means you can make various purchases with the card until you spend the full balance.



What can you buy with the Gift Card?

  • Airline tickets for routes in Colombia and on routes we operate in the rest of the world.
  • Avianca Tours Packages.
  • LifeMiles air miles.
  • Products from the Avianca Store.

You can also use the gift card to:

 Gift Card conditions. PDF only available in Spanish.​