Travel insuran​​ce

Avianca Travel Insurance is an integral travel assistance program offered by ACE-AXA which covers you worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your destination.

Please note you can acquire your travel insurance once you have purchased your ticket.

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Who is the insurance available for?

The Avianca Travel Insurance program is available for passengers up to 85 years. 

What does it​ include?

  • Medical expenses excluding pre-existing conditions.
  • Medical expenses for accidents.

  • Loss and damage of baggage.

  • Trip cancellation, among other services.

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How must does it cost?​

For travel within Colombia it is available from only COP15.800, for travel in Latin America from USD19.99 and for travel to the rest of the world from USD40.29.

How can I acquire it? 

You can acquire it in:

Colombia: Avianca sales offices in Colombia, contacting our call center​(option 1-1-1)​ and now you can find it online​.

Peru: Avianca sales offices