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Remain in contact with your loved ones in Colombia with Movistar’s application TU.


Between September 6 and November 6, 2016, purchase international tickets at Log on to the Movistar TU application and receive a code to activate your temporary mobile number.

Movistar TU allows you to receive and make calls to mobile phones and land lines in Colombia. To use this service, your electronic device must be connected to the Internet.


  • A temporary Movistar mobile number to receive unlimited calls.

  • A 35-minute bonus to make calls to mobile phones or landlines in Colombia.

  • 50 text messages to Colombia. Valid for 30 days upon activation of the promotional code.

Buy now

Purchase between September 6 and
November 6, 2016
Travel between September 6 and
January 13, 2017
Access Movistar TU regardless of your mobile operator

Terms and Conditions ​​​

  • The phone call and text message services provided by the promotion are only provided through the Movistar TU. Includes unlimited incoming calls and text messages, 35 minutes for calls from anywhere in the world to mobile phones and landlines in Colombia and 50 text messages to any mobile operator in Colombia.

  • The promotion is activated for 30 days only when the user redeems the activation code delivered via email after purchasing the tickets. The user must follow the processes indicated in the email.​

  • The activation code for the promotion is not reimbursable, endorsable or transferable.

  • The Movistar TU product is Movistar’s responsibility. Receive more information about Movistar TU. Avianca is liable for the conditions and restrictions of the rate of the ticket acquired by the user.

  • The time limit to issue the ticket, maximum and minimum stay, reimbursability, modification penalty and the possibility to make changes apply according to the rate conditions published at the moment of purchasing the ticket.

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