What is a Codeshare agre​ement?

It’s an alliance signed between airlines to offer their Passengers the possibility to access new destinations and benefits, through more routes on flights operated by partner and marketed by Avianca.

Its primary purpose is to "share" the ​sale of seats on specific flights, one will act as the operator of the route (aircraft, crew, travel permits) and the other(s) will act as distributor(s) of the route putting their code on the flights/routes which apply.

Through t​hese agreements our Passengers can fly to 102 destinations served by the airlines we have alliances with in addition to the destinations we fly from our hubs in Colombia, El Salvador and Peru.

Changes in the itinerary

Any change in the itinerary and/or cancellation on the day of the flight (0-24 hours before the departure) is handled by the operating carrier directly at the airport. Changes to​ the itinerary and/or cancellation before the day of the flight (2 or more days before the departure), is handled by each airline "marketer", who will be responsible for timely contacting and notifying affected passengers.

Baggage policy on codeshare flights

The baggage​ policy which applies on codeshare flights, it that of the airline operating the most significant leg (usually the longest international route). This information should be checked when purchasing.

Read The Baggage policy of partner airlines.


  • When tr​aveling on codeshare flights you just need a single ticket for all the legs.
  • Check in once for all the legs included in your trip (restrictions apply).
  • Baggage is handled from the city of origin to the final destination​ (restrictions apply).
  • You can enter the VIP Lounges of partner airlines at each airline terminal (restrictions apply).
  • Enjoy the benefits of the frequent flyer programs of other airlines when flying ​on codeshare routes operated by our airline (estrictions apply. Please remember that if you fly with Satena or Sky Airlines you will not be able to accumulate and redeem miles​).

Please ​note

  • If your flights are operated by Satena, Sky Airline and Aeromexico​, you cannot earn or redeem miles.
  • On flights operated by Iberia you’re able to easily e​​​arn miles and access redemption benefits.
  • If you’re a Star Alliance Elite member you earn miles (including qualify​ing miles) and redeem tickets and upgrades when you fly with United, Air Canada and Lufthansa.  

Codeshare agreement

*Depends on customs policy at each airport.                                                                                                   

*Depends on customs policy at each airport.                                                                                                   


*Depends on customs policy at each airport.                                                                                                

*Depends on customs policy at each airport.​                                                                                            

​*The list of cities are additional destinations to our network of routes.​