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Travel insuran​​ce

Avianca Travel Insurance is an integral travel assistance program offered by ACE-AXA which covers you worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your destination.

Who is the insurance available for?

The Avianca Travel Insurance program is available for passengers up to 85 years. 

What does it​ include?

  • Medical expenses excluding pre-existing conditions.
  • Medical expenses for accidents.

  • Loss and damage of baggage.

  • Trip cancellation, among other services.

Find out more about coverage.

How must does it cost?​

For flights within Colombia there are fares from COP 19.000, for Latin America from USD 16, for travels to the rest of the world from USD 32 and to the United States from USD 36

How can I acquire it?

Colombia: Avianca sales offices in Colombia, contacting our call center​(option 1-1-1)​ and now you can find it online​.

Peru: Avianca sales offices​