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​More opportunities to travel in Business Class​

How to Upgrade your Experience?​

If you purchased a ticket in Economy Class for Avianca flights, make us an offer with the amount you’d be willing to pay to get an upgrade to Business Class. ​

How can you participate?

If you received the invitation by email it means that you can bid for any of the segments you are traveling on. Access the link in the email and get ready to participate in the chance to enjoy an upgrade to Business Class.
If you did not receive the invitation email please login and check if any segment of your trip applies to participate.

What to do?

Take advantage of this great opportunity and follow these steps:

​​1. Make your Upgrade offer: Choose the amount you want to pay for the upgrade for each of the portions of your trip.

For instance: Bogotá - Los Angeles trip has two portions: The first portion is Bogotá - ​San Salvador and the second portion is San Salvador - Los Angeles. The offer only applies to the portion you sele​ct.​ 

2. Enter your payment information: Enter your credit card details. If the upgrade is awarded to you then the amount of your offer will be charged to your credit card, otherwise there will be no charge.

3. Check and send: Review the information you entered and send it.

4. Offer confirmation: You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your offer.

5. Offer approvalMaximum 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure, you will receive an email where we will confirm if your offer has been accepted or not. If your offer is accepted, we’ll charge you for the upgrade. If not, there will be no charge and you will keep your current seat.


We work hand in hand with Plusgrade

The offer and allocation of upgrades is handled through our supplier Plus​grade​ with whom we have an agreement in place. When making an offer our passengers know and accept that their information, including personal data supplied when making their reservation, will be shared with Plusgrade who handles this information in accordance with our General Privacy Policy​.

Please keep in mind that if you are an Elite Member of our Lifemiles loyalty program, Plusgrade will not affect the complimentary upgrades given as a privilege, according to the rules provided in the Elite Program. However, if you are a Silver or Gold member and you wish to increase your chance to enjoy an upgrade, you may do it by making an offer through our provider.

Please note the terms and conditions​ of the Upgrade your Experience program.

For questions about this product please contact our call center or email us at