​Legal documentation

Every time you plan to go on an international trip, make sure you have a valid passport and comply with the specific migration regulations and requirements of the country of departure, destination and/or transit (if you have a connection), thus providing timely responses to both our requirements and those of the security and control authorities.

Please note that it is your responsibility to know and stay informed about all the documents and requirements for your trip, to check any changes to rules and get all the documents needed to enter and exit a country, along with the formalities required by the authorities, even before you purchase a ticket. We recommend checking the migration requirements with the consulate or embassy in your country of destination (and transit country if you have a connection).

We invite you to g
o to the IATA Travel Centre. See all the information about the passport, visa and health requirements for international journeys. Travel relaxed, safe in the knowledge you have all the correct documentation.

Information about the new Colombian passport

If at the time of travel the Passenger is an adult, but their passport was issued with their Child ID card number, this information must be changed for the National ID card, to avoid problems with the migration authorities.

More information about issuing the new passport.

Information to Passengers from/to Brazil

Please note that according to the provisions of Resolution 2524/98 of the Central Bank of Brazil, we report that passengers entering or leaving the country with currency or money instruments equal to or greater than BRL 10,000 (in cash, checks, travelers checks or the equivalent in other currencies) must declare this to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.