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Cartagena, walk around it's walls make it unique

Places to visit
Julio César Turbay Ayala Conventions Center
Heredia Theater


Origin Destination Frequency Departure time Arrival time
Quito Bogota Daily
06.00 a.m. 07.70 a.m.
Bogota Cartagena Daily 09.29 a.m. 10.54 a.m.
Quito Bogota Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
11.18 a.m. 12.58 p.m.
Bogota Cartagena Daily 12.59 p.m. 04.24 p.m.
Bogota Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
04.40 p.m. 06.20 p.m.
Bogota Cartagena Daily 08.29 p.m. 9.54 p.m.
Quito Bogota Daily
06.40 p.m. 08.20 p.m.
Bogota Cartagena Daily 00.29 p.m. 11.5 p.m.

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