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Self Check In

When you arrive at the airport you can go direct to the self-service kiosks where you can check in both yourself and the people you are traveling with. Obtain your printed boarding pass in just a few seconds.

Once you are at the Self check-in kiosk you can identify yourself in the system in a variety of ways: 

  • Enter your booking code.

  • Enter the number of your e-ticket.

  • Enter your frequent flyer number if you registered it when buying your ticket, enter the card number you used to pay for the ticket or scan the barcode of your passport.

If you already obtained your boarding pass through another check in method (Web or mobile) you can scan this code to print your boarding pass.

You can use our Self Check In service at the kiosk where you are starting your trip for both your return or connecting flight, as long as the flight is within the next 16 hours.​

Please note, starting on June 8, eight routes of the domestic operation in Bogotá will transfer to the El Dorado
Terminal 1.​​