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Avianca magazine


Enjoy all the content of our In-Flight magazine. You can find it in our VIP lounges​, in your flights and in digital version, with articles on culture, the environment, technology, gastronomy and business. You'll also find information about all our services, the destinations we fly to, and our LifeMiles frequent flyer program.

In April, travel to Montevideo and discover the place where La cumparsita was born, a tango composed by Gerardo Matos. Learn about the candombe, an Uruguayan dance with African roots. And don’t miss the gaucho gastronomy.

Also, enjoy an exceptional tour of the volcanoes that surround Quito. You can also visit an enchanted palace in traditional Alhambra, in Spain; be amazed by this construction, fortress of princes, prison of moors, shelter of sultans, muse of poets and architects.


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