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In-flight Entertainment

Enjoy a selection of music, a variety of films and television series and the best magazines.


Screens with control

On board our flight you have an individual screen, easily operated using the remote control found next to your seat.


Screens without a control

You can control these screens by using the buttons below the screen. 


Shared monitors


If the plane you are flying in has shared monitors, the in-flight entertainment programming varies depending on your destination. 


On board Accessories


Get to know the accessories you will find on board our aircraft, to make your in-flight experience even more enjoyable.

Reading material

Enjoy the exciting reports and news our publicatio​n Avianca en revista brings you each month. Check out the latest movie releases and programming available in our In-Flight Entertainment System by reading our Avianca Entretenimiento magazine. If you fly Business Class​ you'll find a selection of even more reading material to help you relax.


Download Avianca Entertainment

With this entertainment app​ you can enjoy exclusive content on your mobile device on some of our aircraft with general screens.