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​Special medical conditions​

Please read these recommendations if you need to fly while pregnant or have any special medical condition, or if you need to take medication or portable dialysis machines with you.

  • For flights in Peru if you have a special medical condition, if your ticket has been issued by Essalud or by the Peruvian Ministry of Health you must fill out this form(Available in spanish).

  • Take all your medicines in your carry-on baggage. If due to space requirements you have to check these bags, we suggest you take out your medicines and keep them with you during the flight
  • We’ve created a medical certificate, one form to find out information about your medical conditions we’re able to provide you a service that is tailored to your needs. Remember that in cases where we require a  medical certificate, your physician must complete this form or issue a certificate with the necessary information. You must then present the original and copy at the check-in counter​


To read a summary of the medical guide for authorization of the transportation of passengers by the Civil Aviation Authority on May 31, 2016. You’ll find recommended recuperation times before flying in a plane and the cases in which you must present a medical certificate


If you are traveling when you are 30 weeks pregnant or later, you must inform the airline about your status and also submit a medical certificate specifying your fitness to travel by air, taking into account the type of trip and the duration of the flight.

You must also present a document exonerating the airline for any eventuali​ty arising from your status during the flight.​

Please note that both you and your baby may only fly 11 days after delivery. Otherwise, you must submit medical certificates guaranteeing you are both medically stable for flight.

The medical certificate must be issued no more than 10 days prior to the scheduled flight departure.​

​If you need to travel with a portable dialysis machine you can take it on board as carry-on baggage without charge. This device may not be used during the flight, you must request the service at themoment of purchase, through the call center. Please remember to inform advisors the brand name of the device.



The following additional elements must be transported in the aircraft hold:​

  • The support for the portable dialysis machine, which weighs approximately 9 kg and is 158 linear centimeters
  • Solutions for Peritoneal dialysis: a treatment for 2 days (8 bags), weighing approximately 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) per bag, for a total of approximately 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • You must present anoriginal medical certificate in which the following is noted:
    • Information of the traveler: name, ID document, date of travel, route, booking code, age and medical diagnosis.
    • Name, phone number, address and legible signature and medical register of the physician.
    • The authorization must have been issued a minimum of 10 calendar days prior to the date of the flight.
  • Authorization from the physician allowing the patient to go on the flight without them requiring any additional medical devices, clarifying the flight date and route used.