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21/7/2016 In June 2016, Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.4 million passengers

8/7/2016 Avianca launches it's new digital experiencie

5/7/2016 Silver Airways launches first international codeshare with Avianca


28/6/2016 Starting June 30th, Avianca flights in and out of Rio de Janeiro airport will operate from terminal 2

22/6/2016 Avianca and National Express now offer intermodal connecting trips

21/6/2016 Ecuador, explore and discover with reduced rates

20/6/2016 In May 2016: Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.3 million passengers

16/6/2016 Avianca and the Ministry of Tourism invite travelers to discover and explore Ecuador with special fares

14/6/2016 Star Alliance takes actions to strengthen services

14/6/2016 Avianca's LifeMiles wins three Freddie Awards

9/6/2016 ESPN and AVIANCA present Confidential Destination: the story of Caterine Ibarguen

9/6/2016 Star Alliance announces Executive Management changes

9/6/2016 From Central America, Peru is Avianca's destination of the month

3/6/2016 "Vive Peru" with Avianca

2/6/2016 Fall in love with Cartagena

2/6/2016 Avianca expands strategic IT partnership with Amadeus to improve the traveller experience

1/6/2016 In April 2016 Avianca Holdings and it's subsidiaries carried more than 2.2 million passengers


24/5/2016 Avianca opens non-stop flight Cuzco-Bogotá

16/5/2016 2016 first quarter results: Avianca Holdings S.A. reported an operating profit of USD 72.2 million

12/5/2016 ESPN and Avianca present the second season of Confidential Destination

12/5/2016 Avianca and ATA launch the campaign "Discover the best of Aruba"

12/5/2016 Avianca Tours, the best option for holidays, competitive fares and excellent benefits

11/5/2016 Avianca and Aruba launch promotional campaign

9/5/2016 From Central America, Avianca celebrates mother’s day with discounted fares for several destinations

5/5/2016 From Mexico: Lima, Avianca’s destination of the month

5/5/2016 From Central America: Miami, Avianca’s destination of the month

5/5/2016 Mother’s Day Celebration: Avianca Cargo shipped more than 11 thousand tons of flowers from Colombia and Ecuador to the United States and Puerto Rico

3/5/2016 Avianca Holdings S.A. reduces its investment plan by USD 1.4 billion


21/4/2016 In March 2016 Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.4 million passengers

20/4/2016 Avianca in solidarity with Ecuador

13/4/2016 Etihad Airways and Avianca enter into Codeshare Agreement

11/4/2016 Hernán Rincón, takes over Presidency of Avianca Holdings and Avianca

5/4/2016 With Avianca, Central America is in style


31/3/2016 Hernán Rincón Lema, Chief Executive Officer appointment for Avianca Holdings S.A. and Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca

28/3/2016 In February, 2016 Avianca Holdings Airlines transported more than 2.2 million passengers

22/3/2016 Information to travelers from - to Brussels Airport

10/3/2016 Avianca's new production showcases the integration, passion and professionalism of Latin America

9/3/2016 Avianca increases number of flights for Holy Week

6/3/2016 Bogotá ran for children’s health

3/3/2016 Due to the presence of volcanic ash on the runway of La Nubia Airport, all Avianca flights from/to Manizales are suspended

1/3/2016 Avianca Holdins S.A. reported an adjusted operating profit of USD93,9 million


25/2/2016 Avianca increases number of flights between Bogotá and Buenos Aires

23/2/2016 In January 2016 Avianca Holdings and it's subsidiaries carried more than 2.4 million passengers

23/2/2016 In January 2016 Avianca Holdings and it's subsidiaries carried more than 2.4 million passengers

17/2/2016 Colombia is in style

17/2/2016 Avianca, ProColombia and Fontur launch the second stage of the campaign “Colombia is magical realism”

17/2/2016 In Canada, Colombia is in style

17/2/2016 In the United States, Colombia is in style

12/2/2016 Avianca Cargo operated more than 150 flights for Valentine's Day

11/2/2016 From El Salvador, Avianca celebrates love and friendship with promotional fares to different destinations

10/2/2016 Avianca and the Embassies of Peru and Belize are developing a tourist promotion campaign in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua

10/2/2016 Run Tour Avianca 2016, run for the health of the children of Fundación Cardioinfantil

9/2/2016 Deprisa to inaugurate new center of operations at the Colombian coffee region

02/2/2016 Avianca promotes a different destination every month

01/2/2016 Zika virus waiver policy


28/1/2016 Avianca increases number of flights for the Carnival of Barranquilla

28/1/2016 Avianca reimburses or exempts penalty on itinerary changes caused by the Zika virus

27/1/2016 Avianca increases offer of flights between Santiago, Chile and Bogota

27/1/2016 Avianca increases offer of flights to Santiago, Chile

26/1/2016 Sansa begins the year with two excellent promotions

21/1/2016 Avianca and Alsa offer new connection options for their clients

20/1/2016 Flying from Central America, Avianca offers promotional fares to the United States and Canada

20/1/2016 In December 2015, Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.5 million passengers

20/1/2016 Avianca appoints Álvaro Jaramillo Buitriago as acting president

14/1/2016 Destino Confidencial features the Factory of Dives

13/1/2016 Avianca to launch mobile sales service

12/1/2016 The Design Air acknowledges Avianca as the Most Improved Carrier Americas 2015

12/1/2016 Avianca to open VIP room at Miami International Airport

06/1/2016 Ecuador, destination of the month. From Central America and Mexico

04/1/2016 Avianca and Foundation Clinica Shaio join efforts to take good care of our passenger's hearths​​​​


12/16/2015 Avianca Sets Regulations for Transportation of Electric Skateboards ​​​


11/13/2015 Discount Tickets with Avianca and your Credisiman Card​

11/04/2015 Tips for Travellers during Peak Season 

11/04/2015 Avianca Prepared to Attend to Vacation Season 

11/02/2015 Panama, Avianca’s Destination of the Month from Central America and Mexico City​


10/30/2015 Contestants to National Beauty Pageant Model for Children from the Cardioinfantil Foundation

10/28/2015 Avianca Offers Special Prices for Students in Honduras

10/23/2015 Sansa Introduces First International Route: Costa Esmeralda, Nicaragua

10/22/2015 Avianca Offers Promotional Prices among Central American Destinations 

10/21/2015 First Latin American Seminar on Pilot Training 

10/20/2015 Avianca Holdings Airlines Transported More Than 2.2 Million Passengers​

10/15/2015 Electronic Check-In Restored for Mobile Devices

10/15/2015 CNN and Avianca Present "Fuerza en Movimiento" Chapter Colombia

10/14/2015 Avianca and ANA Announce Codeshare Agreement 

​​10/13/2015 World Travel Awards: Avianca, South America’s Leading Airline​

10/10/2015 Restoration of Electronic Check-In Process (Android and web)​

10/09/2015 Avianca Requires Timely Appearance of Passengers for Check-In in Airports​

10/09/2015 Miami-Cali Flight Arrives to San Andres to Provide Medical Care to a Passenger

10/08/2015 Avianca and ESPN Present a New Episode of Confidential Destination 

10/06/2015 SANSA Celebrates Anniversary with the Purchase of Two Airplanes and the Offering of Promotional Prices 

10/01/2015 Los Angeles, Avianca’s Destination of the Month from Central America​



09/30/2015 A​vianca and Aldeas Infantiles SOS Sign Corporate Regional Agreement in Uruguay

09/29/2015 Jutiapa, Champion of the 2015 Avianca Cup - Washington

09/24/2015 Avianca Offers Promotional Prices among Central American Destinations

09/23/2015 Avianca, Official Airline in the 39th Travel Mart Latin America in Guatemala​

09/23/2015 Volcanic Ash Causes Avianca to Suspend Air Operations from and to Manizales

09/21/2015 Due to Border Closure, Avianca Extends Penalty Payment Exoneration for Passengers from and to Rioacha.​

09/17/2015 Arrivals Delayed due to Bad Weather Conditions in El Dorado International Airport

09/16/2015 Avianca Exonerates Passengers Travelling Today from Bogota

09/14/2015 After Strike Announcement: Avianca Re-Schedules Flights from and to the Chilean Capital City

09/11/2015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from Mexico and Cancun 

09/11/2015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from El Salvador  ​

09/11/2015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from Managua  

09/11/2015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from Honduras  

09/112015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from Guatemala ​

09/112015 Avianca Extends Promotion to all the Colombian Destinations Travelling from Costa Rica  

09/11/2015 Due to Colombia – Venezuela Border Closure Avianca Takes Measures to Assist Transportation from and to Cucuta

09/11/2015 Avianca Reactivates Attention in Puente Aereo, Bogota

09/10/2015 After Occupation of Puente Aereo Terminal by Displaced: Avianca Centralizes Attention to Travellers in El Dorado International Airport​

09/09/2015 Avianca Joins to Cartoon Network in the Promotion of Values among Children  

09/09/2015 Sansa Offers Special Flight to Celebrate Children’s Day, San Jose-Costa Rica

09/03/2015 Announcement in Modules and Rooms due to Electric Wire Cut in EDR, El Dorado Airport

09/02/2015 Avianca Adopts Measures to Facilitate Transportation from and to Cucuta​

09/01/2015 Special A​vianca fares to enjoy Colombia, magical realism ​​





24/06/2015 The Board of CEOs of Star Alliance member airlines approves the entry of Avianca Brasil​

24/06/2015 Meeting of the CEOs of Star Alliance member airlines in Warsaw

22/06/2015 Avianca Holdings S.A. wins the Red Hat Technology Award​​

22/06/2015 Avianca celebrates 20 years of continuous services in Tumaco​​

18/06/2015 Avianca recognized for the sixth time as "Best Airline" and "Best Service Personnel" in Central America and the Caribbean​

​10/06/2015 B787 Dreamliner begins operations to Europe​​

09/06/2015 Avianca increases the number of flights for the holiday season​


29/05/2015 Avianca Holdings S.A. presents positive financial results for Q1 2015

26/05/2015 Avianca's B787 Dreamliner touches down in Madrid​

22/05/2015 La Nubia Airport closed due to volcanic ash​

​20/05/2015 Avianca, the first in domestic compliance in the last quarter of 2014

20/05/2015 Avianca Cargo transports 11,000 tones of flowers for Mother's Day

19/05/2015 Lifemiles wins in the categories: 'Best Deal' and 'Most Promising Program' of the Americas​​

18/05/2015 Avianca restarts operations in the Juan Santamaría Airport, Costa Rica​ 

18/05/2015 Flights to and from San Jose, Costa Rica affected by volcanic ash ​​​​

15/05/2015 North runway of the El Dorado Airport, Bogotá closed​

13/05/2015 ​Avianca connects the island of San Andres with San Jose, Costa Rica

07/05/2015 Avianca announces new non-stop Lima-Cancun flight​

07/05/2015 Avianca adds more seats between Santo Domingo and Bogotá

07/05/2015 Avianca graduation ceremony for the first group of Inflight Services and Airport Auxiliaries  


29/04/2015 Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.2 million passengers

27/04/2015 Avianca takes Miss Universe on her tour of Colombia​

27/04/2015 Avianca exempts travelers leaving Bogotá on Monday April 27th from penalty payments

24/04/2015 Avianca restarts operations in the Juan Santamaría Airport, Costa Rica

24/04/2015 North runway of the El Dorado Airport, Bogotá closed

23/04/2015 Flights to and from San Jose, Costa Rica affected by volcanic ash 

23/04/2015 Lufthansa Technik to provide maintenance services for components of the Avianca fleet

16/04/2015 Shopping with LifeMiles

09/04/2015 Mobility restrictions in Bogotá due to the Peace March–April 9th

02/04/2015 North runway of the El Dorado International Airport closed



30/03/2015 Colombian Aviation Authority reports low visibility in Bogotá this morning​

24/03/2015 Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2.0 million passengers​​

19/03/2015 Important information for passengers traveling to and from Bogotá

18/03/2015 Important information for travelers flying to and from Bogotá

17/03/2015 Avianca ready for the increase in demand during Easter

16/03/2015 Third Avianca RunTour a resounding success​

13/03/2015 Avianca resumes operations at Juan Santamaria Airport

13/03/2015 Flights affected by volcanic ash​​​

12/03/2015 Avianca starts operations on the Bogotá-Los Angeles-Bogotá route

09/03/2015 Avianca flies with an all female crew​​

04/03/2015 Special fares to Medellín, Avianca's destination of the month

02/03/2015 Avianca Holdings S.A. presents its 2014 financial results



03/02/2015  Avianca beginsconstruction of its aeronautical center

19/02/2015  Avianca inaugurates new VIP Lounge in the San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Puerto Rico​​

27/02/2015 Avianca Art Collection exhibited in the Pereira Museum of Modern Art​​




26/01/2015  Avianca inaugurates VIPLounge at the Benito Juarez airport in Mexico​​

23/01/2015  Aviancaadvances in the process to optimize operations

22/01/2015  Avianca voted the bestairline in South America in 2014

21/01/2015  Avianca hub in El Salvador

​21/01/2015  New VIP Lounge in SanSalvador inaugurated

16/01/2015  First commercial flight ofthe Boeing 787

08/01/2015  Avianca and Air India sign a memorandum of understanding in preparationfor a future codeshare agreement​​








29/10/2014  Avianca supports the Pan American Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs​

23/10/2014  Agreement between Avianca Cargo and Etihad Cargo

22/10/2014  The member airlines of Avianca Holdings transport 2.1 millions passengers in September 2014​

15/10/2014  Avianca Cargo generates a reduction in the emission of Co2​​


​18/09/2014  Avianca staff are trained in the prevention of Ebola virus​​

17/09/2014  Avianca Cargo recognizes the support of its commercial partners

16/09/2014  Avianca reaches one million fans in Facebook

​09/09/2014  Avianca adds more flights to Barcelona​

02/09/2014  Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador joins efforts to eliminate tax the on passengers with the project: El Salvador Stop Over​


20/08/2014  Avianca the leader in eCommerce in Colombia​​

14/08/2014  Avianca Holdings S.A. reports operating revenue of usd 49.8 million

12/08/2014  Avianca takes delivery of the first ATR72-600 aircraft in Central America​

08/08/2014  More flights to Cancun via Avianca​


25/07/2014   Avianca Holdings airlines transport more than 2 million passengers​​

22/07/2014   ​More flights Bogota - Havana, via Avianca​

18/07/2014   Avianca opens new New York - Cartagena - Pereira route in Colombia

18/07/2014   El Dorado Airport closed due to air show

​11/07/2014   Air India officially joins Star Alliance​

09/07/2014   Avianca inaugurates a new route to Villavicencio

​08/07/2014   Avianca adds the first Airbus A321 aircraft to its fleet in Colombia

04/07/2014   First Avianca flight to London​ 


24/06/2014   Avianca and Turkish Airlines offer travelers new flight options through their codeshare agreement​

18/06/2014   Aerogal is now Avianca in Ecuador​

18/06/2014   In May 2014 Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried more than 2 million passengers​


27/05/2014   Central America and South America are now even closer thanks to Avianca’s discount fares​

22/05/2014   Avianca transfers its trunk routes to the El Dorado Airport     

20/05/2014   Avianca Holdings reports traffic statistics for its airlines in april 2014​

09/05/2014   New Avianca Pereira - Cartagena - New York route

16/05/2014   Avianca Holdings S.A. reports operating profit of $57.2 Million​

15/05/2014   Avianca increases flights on the Guatemala - Bogotá, Colombia route

15/05/2014   Avianca launches a weekend fare of USD$199 for travel within Central America

06/05/2014   Avianca, ready to comply with the world cup

05/05/2014   Avianca celebrates Mother’s day with discount fares to North America

05/05/2014   The Avianca frequent flyer program wins awards for the "Best Redemption Ability " and "Best Deal"


30/04/2014   Avianca and the Central American Tourism Agency sign new agreement for the promotion of tourism​

30/04/2014   Avianca to offer new route New York to Cartagena - Pereira in Colombia​

24/04/2014   Avianca becomes the Official Sponsor of the National Soccer Teams of Honduras

24/04/2014   In the first quarter of  2014 Avianca Holdings subisidary airlines transport more than 6 million passengers​

23/04/2014   Avianca, Official Airline of the Colombian soccer team​

22/04/2014   Avianca reports positive results in its Holy week operation​

14/04/2014   Fly to Miami with Avianca for USD$349 for Easter Week

14/04/2014   Avianca to fly to Iquitos starting from June

14/04/2014   Avianca strengthens its operation in Chile​

14/04/2014   Avianca increases its number of seats during Holy Week

10/04/2014   Avianca Receives Pure-V™ Engine Designation​

11/04/2014   International Aero Engines, IAE, grants Avianca accreditation for the technical reliability of their engines with the Pure-VTM designation

09/04/2014   Avianca awards permanent Lifemiles Elite Status to its most loyal travelers

08/04/2014   Avianca ready for Holy Week

08/04/2014   Avianca increases the number of flight services on the Lima-Bogotá-Lima route​

04/04/2014   ​Avianca rewards the excellence of its commercial partners​

01/04/2014   Avianca promotes Guatemala as a tourist destination with tourism agencies and wholesalers from North America

01/04/2014   Avianca Holdings S.A. succesfully priced a $250 million international bond due 2020


28/03/2014   Press release issued by Avianca in response to press reports about the emergency landing in the Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, in the capital of Brazil

16/03/2014   Runners and Children, winners of the 2014 Avianca Runtour

14/03/2014   The Avianca art collection is on display in the Rayo​ Del Valle Del Cauca museum​ 

10/03/2014   Avianca staff share a morning of joy with children from the "Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital"​

10/03/2014   Avianca Holdings reports traffic statistics for its airlines​

04/03/2014   Race for the children of the Cardioinfantil Foundation

03/03/2014   Avianca Holdings S.A. 2013 financial and operational results​​​


26/02/2014   Avianca and Airbus Prosky work with the DGAC Regional Aviation Project​

24/02/2014   In Valentine's Day, Avianca Cargo transported 17% more flowers

21/02/2014   The aircraft manufacturer and Latin American carrier sign a 10-year global maintenance contract​

19/02/2014   Now on sale, tickets to fly Bogotá-Londres-Bogotá

12/02/2014   Avianca reprograms the operation to and from New York and Washington D.C.​

05/02/2014   Avianca announces the arrival of the modern Airbus 330 to Mexico City​

04/02/2014   Avianca S.A. confirms it will resume its regular Bogota-London-Bogota operation​

02/02/2014   Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca Informes on the operation of the Fokker 50 fleet​


24/01/2014   IHG® Rewards Club announce agreement with Avianca​

21/01/2014   Avianca Holdings reports traffic statistics for its airlines​

21/01/2014   Avianca reprograms its operation to and from New York due to storm Janus​

02/01/2014   Due to the storm weather forecast Avianca reprograms its operation to and from New York​​




30/12/2013 Flights are operating normally again following the cancelations due to volcanic ash in El Salvador​

29/12/2013 Cancelation of flights in accordance with the instructive issued by CEPA (Comisión Ejecutiva Portuaria Autónoma), due to volcanic ash in El Salvador

12/12/2013 Press release unique code for web sites​​​​




​27/11/2013 Avianca Holdings reports traffic statistics​

21/11/2013 Avianca increases the number flight services on non-stop routes to Lima​

21/11/2013 Avianca Holdings S.A. obtains an operating profit of USD 132.2 million


06/11/2013 Avianca Holdings S.A. opens for trade on the New York Stock Exchange​​​ 




19/10/2013 Avianca onboard publications, the best in-flight magazines in the world​

29/10/2013 Avianca will continue to serve domestic flights from the Puente Aéreo Terminal​

25/10/2013 Avianca employees run in support of the special olympics​

10/21/2013 School recess week results

10/10/2013 Avianca supports the promotion of tourism in Guatemala

03/10/2013 Avianca offers promotional fares to their destinations in South America

01/10/2013 The airlines of Avianca Holdings transport 16.3 million passengers



19/09/2013 Avianca reorganizes its operations through El Salvador

23/09/2013 Star Alliance opens the first VIP lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal in Los Angeles

30/09/2013 Avianca inaugurates International VIP lounge in Cali




27/08/2013 Avianca Holdings reports operating statistics for its airlines

15/08/2013 Avianca Holdings S.A. obtains a net profit of US$70.3 million

06/08/2013 Avianca offers greater connectivity to and from Guatemala




25/07/2013  Avianca Holdings airlines transport 11.9 million passengers

24/07/2013  Avianca offers greater connectivity to and from El Salvador

24/07/2013  Avianca, official sponsor of the Juegos Mundiales (World Games) 2013

17/07/2013  Avianca launches new Bogotá, Colombia-San Juan, Puerto Rico route



04/06/2013  Passengers carried in January-April



28/05/2013   The airlines of Avianca Holdings S.A. present their single brand: Avianca

28/05/2013    How the new Avianca brand was built

28/05/2013    Art, color and pride in the skies of the world

23/05/2013    Avianca announces new flight to Cancun

15/05/2013    Avianca flies to Mexico from Medellin

02/05/2013    LifeMiles: "Best Redemption Ability"



25/05/2013   Avianca launches direct flight Bucaramanga - Medellin

17/04/2013   Avianca increases Sao Paulo capacity

16/04/2013   Avianca launches direct flight Bogota - San Juan de Puerto Rico 



15/03/2013    AviancaTaca Holding S.A. results 2012

13/03/2013    Avianca increases flight services Bogota-Madrid-Bogota 

11/03/2013    Avianca Holding and CFM international sign agreement to purchase engines

08/03/2013    Avianca Holding S.A. results 2012     

08/03/2013    Avianca Holding S.A. results 2012 - dollars
02/03/2013    Taca welcomes the athletes of Guatemala   

02/03/2013    Taca welcomes the athletes of el Salvador   


25/02/2013    Avianca and Taca transport more than 2.1 million passengers

20/02/2013    Sansa Regional launches domestic fares

19/02/2013    Star Alliance introduces improvements in the Asia Airpass

12/02/2013    Avianca takes delivery of first Airbus A320 equipped with sharklets

08/02/2013    Taca suspends flights to and from New York on february 8th and 9th

07/02/2013    Avianca and Taca launch Lifemiles promotion in Montevideo

01/02/2013    Avianca and Renfe provide intermodal travel



30/01/2013    Taca promotes Peru as a destination in Fitur 

28/01/2013    Avianca, the best airline in South America in 2012

28/01/2013    Star Alliance launches first vip lounge in South America

11/01/2013    First credit card with chip technology: Citi Lifemiles Infinite





20/12/2012    Avianca and US Airways sign Codeshare agreement.

20/12/2012    Avianca art collection at the Barranquilla Museum of Modern Art.

20/12/2012    Tampa Cargo takes delivery of first Airbus A330 Feighter.

19/12/2012    Avianca and US Airways codeshare agreement.

19/12/2012    Avianca and Taca transport more than 21 million passengers.

12/12/2012    Avianca and Taca acquire aATR 72-600 fleet for regional flights.

06/12/2012    Avianca launches high season plan.

05/12/2012    Sansa regional inaugurates its new flight to La Fortuna, Arenal.

02/12/2012    Avianca and Taca transport more than 19 million passengers.


29/11/2012    Positive results at Avianca and Taca hub in El Salvador.

29/11/2012    New nonstop Medellin - San Salvador flight.

29/11/2012    New nonstop flight between San Salvador and Medellin.

29/11/2012    Shenzhen Airlines to join Star Alliance.

29/11/2012    Technological innovations in customer service.

28/11/2012    New self-service channel using smartphones.

27/11/2012    Avianca, certified for aviation training programs.

23/11/2012    Taca participated in the International Tourism Fair of Paraguay.

22/11/2012    Journalists of South and Central America visit Guatemala.

20/11/2012    Calin Rovinescu elected as New Chairman of the Board of Star Alliance.

15/11/2012    Avianca announces order for three Boeing 787s.

12/11/2012    Sansa regional launches new flight to Fortuna, Arenal.

08/11/2012    Avianca celebrates one year of operation between Rio and Bogota.


29/10/2012    Superstorm Sandy suspends Taca flights to New York and Washington.

24/10/2012    Avianca increases flight services to destinations in the Americas.

23/10/2012    Parade of candidates in favor of children of the Cardioinfantil Foundation.

23/10/2012    Avianca and Taca transport more than 17 million passengers.

10/10/2012    Avianca, single brand for the subsidiary airlines of AviancaTaca Holding S.A.

09/10/2012    Ronald McDonald Children Foundation adapts hearing aids in Quetzaltenango.

03/10/2012    Avianca, official airline of the VI Competitiveness Forum of the Americas.




18/09/2012    AviancaTaca Holding information.

18/09/2012    Aviancataca to take part in Expoalimentaria 2012.

18/09/2012    Avianca and Taca incorporate Airbus number 100 to their aircraft fleet.

12/09/2012    Argentine wins the Star Alliance 15th anniversary prize.

11/09/2012    South American journalists visit Lima, Ica and Arequipa and get to know the Dakar route.

05/09/2012    Avianca and Taca airlines discuss benefits with agencies and corporate accounts - Honduras.





29/08/2012    Aviancataca hosts Agifors 2012.

27/08/2012    Avianca and Taca airlines transport nearly 13 million passengers.

26/08/2012    Taca suspends flights to and from Miami on august 26 and 27 due to hurricane Isaac.

23/08/2012    New nonstop Taca flights to Medellin and Cali.

14/08/2012    Avianca and Taca airlines discuss benefits with agencies and corporate accounts.

14/08/2012    Aviancataca Holding S.A. records net profits in the first half of 2012.

08/08/2012    Avianca and Taca passengers with new access to the "Los Añejos" vip lounge.

03/08/2012    Avianca, Taca airlines and Travelclub organize "Colombia Week" in Chile.




27/07/2012    Aviancataca operating results.

19/07/2012    Star Alliance receives award for best airline alliance for the sixth time.

18/07/2012    Avianca and Taca Airlines to discuss benefits with agencies and corporate accounts - El Salvador.

12/07/2012    Avianca launches nonstop Bogota-Yopal-Bogota route.

11/07/2012    Mexico, a market with potential for the AviancaTaca cargo operation.

10/07/2012    New Taca airlines nonstop flights from Lima to Medellin and Cali.

06/07/2012    Avianca art collection at the Bogota Museum of Modern Art.

04/07/2012    AviancaTaca organize the first international employee race.





28/06/2012    AviancaTaca records an 10.2% increase in passenger numbers.

21/06/2012    Avianca and Taca airlines enter Star Alliance.

13/06/2012    Avianca - Aeroméxico codeshare agreement enters into operation.

04/06/2012    Avianca launches nonstop Barranquilla-Cali operation.

04/06/2012    Avianca launches nonstop Cartagena-Cali- Cartagena flights.

04/06/2012    Avianca opens two new routes from Cali.

01/06/2012    Monterrey receives the first Taca airlines flight from San Jose, Costa Rica.





30/05/2012    Avianca and Taca transported more than seven million people.

29/05/2012    Avianca - Sky Airline codeshare agreement.

22/05/2012    AviancaTaca cargo operation continues to grow in Peru.

22/05/2012    Now fly daily and nonstop from Dallas to the Avianca and Taca airlines hub in El Salvador.

22/05/2012    Now fly daily and nonstop from Toronto to the Avianca and Taca airlines hub in El Salvador.

22/05/2012    Avianca and Taca Arlines hub in El Salvador grows.

22/05/2012    New nonstop flight between Quito and the Avianca and Taca hub in El Salvador.

15/05/2012    First quarter results 2012.

14/05/2012    Star Alliance celebrates 15 years.

14/05/2012    Star Alliance celebrates its 15th anniversary.

14/05/2012    15% discount on the "around the world" fare.

09/05/2012    Avianca Services invigorates its portfolio of products and services.

09/05/2012    Monterrey becomes a new destination in the Taca network of routes.

02/05/2012    Tampa Cargo receives certification for the maintenance of Airbus A320.

01/05/2012    Taca Vacations: the ideal program for vacations.


25/04/2012    Avianca and Taca transport 5.5 million passengers.

19/04/2012    Avianca incorporates Airbus A320 on the Colombia-Aruba route.

19/04/2012    Central America joins the regional tourism drive with its "discover Central America" program.

19/04/2012    New flight to Brasilia.

17/04/2012    Avianca reactivates its Cali-Medellin-New York flight.



30/03/2012    AviancaTaca Holding S.A. distributes dividends.

30/03/2012    AviancaTaca Holding results 2011.

28/03/2012    Avianca and Taca add 206 additional flights for Holy Week.

26/03/2012    New cargo flight to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

21/03/2012    Direct Deprisa sales point in the puente aéreo terminal.

13/03/2012    New Director of Institutional Relations for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

13/03/2012    Avianca launches flights on the Bogota-Havana-Bogota route.

12/03/2012    Monterrey becomes a new destination in the Taca network of routes.

09/03/2012    Avianca reschedules its itinerary for saturday 10th and sunday 11th of march.

09/03/2012    Monterrey, Montreal and Brasilia served from hub in San Jose, Costa Rica.

08/03/2012    Aviancataca Holding S.A. 2011 results.

07/03/2012    Avianca and Taca promote Latin American destinations in Europe during 2012.

06/03/2012    Avianca and Taca sign agreement to implement codeshare operations with Aeroméxico.

05/03/2012    Avianca and Taca renew their selection of in-flight wines with Undurraga.

02/03/2012    Avianca reschedules itineraries for saturday 3rd and sunday 4th march.


23/02/2012    AviancaTaca Holding S.A. converts its financial statements to IFRS.

20/02/2012    Operations normalizaed after agreement between the national government and air traffic controllers.

15/02/2012    Difficulties in the air operation.

14/02/2012    Couple get married in a Taca airlines plane.

13/02/2012    AviancaTaca implements Skychain.

10/02/2012    AviancaTaca Holding S.A. creates incentive plan.




26/01/2012    AviancaTaca Holding S.A. signs firm order for 51 Airbus A320 planes.

24/01/2012    Avianca and Taca transport 20.7 million passengers in 2011.

24/01/2012    The Star Alliance Conventions Plus service now available online.

23/01/2012    On monday january 23 Avianca will operate the inaugural Bogota-Florencia-Bogota flight.

18/01/2012    Avianca present at Fitur 2012.

04/01/2012    Money order, the new Deprisa service.

02/01/2012    Avianca launches new route to Florencia.