Our fleet

Enjoy the variety of services on offer to you, with more than 140 aircraft employing the latest technology to provide you safety, comfort and greater satisfaction during each of the flights you take with us.

10 Airbus A330​


Ideal for medium and long haul flights.

​​​​​ ​

5 Airbus A321


It has the lowest emissions, noise levels and fuel consumption. Estimated load capacity 5,188 Kg.


54 Airbus A320-200


An efficient, quiet and ecological plane with a load capacity of approximately 6,300 kg, takeoff from sea level.


25 Airbus A319-100


Its load capacity is estimated at 4,700 kg, takeoff from sea level.

10 Airbus A318-100


It is the smallest version of the 320 family.​ Estimated load capacity: 4,550 kg.

12 Embraer 190


It is the most efficient aircraft in the 98 to 114 passenger segment, with an estimated load capacity of 1,892 kg.


7 ATR-72


Aircraft with a maximum capacity of 74 seats for regional and short-haul trips.


In addition, we have the Fokker-50 aircraft. Its configuration and efficiency makes the Fokker-50 aircraft ideal for local routes and terminals. it's estimated load capacity: 18,000 Kg. Subject to temperature, No. of passengers and baggage.

Cargo aircraft

3 Boeing 767-200F

Boeing 767-200F

Capacity of 44 tons each one.

1 Boeing 767-300F

Boeing 767-300F

Capacity of 55 tons.

2 Airbus A330-200F

Airbus A330-200F 

Capacity of 68 tons each one.