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Group trave​l

We offer you the best discounts, benefits and special conditions when traveling in groups of 10 or more people to the same destination and on the same travel dates.

Benefits for Organizers

  • Get special fares for all group members.
  • Receive a free ticket depending on the number of people in your group.
  • Receive personalized and specialized attention throughout all your group travel process.
  • Receive Preferential service at airports (early check in, special line for baggage claim).
  • Make reservations in Business Class and/or for Tourism Packages.
  • More time to provide us with the passenger data and the final group being issued.
  • Make name changes before tickets are issued.

Remember that

  • 10 or more people need to fly to the same destination on the same dates. 
  • The group can include children older than 2 years and adults. 
  • Spaces are subject to availability at the time of booking or blocking. 
  • Taxes and other fees may change without notice. 
  • If the group is reduced to less than 10 passengers it will be canceled. 
  • Cancellations, penalties and tariff leveling may apply in the case of breach of time limits, failure to comply with itineraries and reductions in the number of passengers. 
  • Name changes will incur penalties after tickets have been issued. 
  • Other restrictions may apply.