Interline​ agreements​​

Interlining is a voluntary commercial agreement providing air transportation services on journeys with two or more worldwide airlines, connecting a number of cities on the same trip with various benefits for Passengers.

It’s an alternative to online services (services with a single carrier) when they either don’t have flights to certain destinations or flights are unavailable. You can select your route and the most convenient time to travel using various airlines for the trip.

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Interline system advantages

  • Ability to check your baggage to the final destination even if you have various flights, multiple connections and more than one airline (subject to technical restrictions and customs).
  • Pay one fare for complex routes with prices which are usually lower than the sum of the individual fares for each leg. Fares published with prices and standard conditions which are valid for the entire trip.
  • Select the route, connection points and stops within a large maximum mileage limit.
  • Purchase a single ticket, in a single currency, through a single airline or agent, regardless of the number of destinations and airlines selected for your trip.
  • You receive accommodation, assistance and have basic expenses covered (hotel, meals, transportation) in case you miss connections for reasons attributable to any of the airlines involved in the interline ticket.

What is an interline agreement?

It’s an electronic ticket interline agreement (Interline e-ticket or IET) and is the implementation of sophisticated technology to allow interline ticketing routes involving two or more airlines within the same e-ticket.

It eliminates unnecessary paper, provides more efficient solutions to locate, modify or make changes to itineraries, avoids the loss of tickets, reduces costs and protects the environment.

You can use interline services (with various airlines) with a single e-ticket.

We have interline agreements with more than 100 airlines in the world on all continents.