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Sports equipment

These items are considered free allowed luggage and all equipment and their elements must be duly protected for travel.

Remember that the sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 230 centimeters (90 inches) and its weight must not be more than 23 kilos (50 lb). If they exceed these characteristics they will be subject to availability of space (Conditional / stand by bag).

  • Bowling Equipment

    Bowling Equipment

    Maximum allowed weight
    32 kilos (70 lb)

  • Skiing Equipment

    Skiing Equipment

    A pair of skis, to poles, snowboards, bouts and shoes

  • Scuba Diving Equipment

    Scuba Diving Equipment

    An empty tank, two rubber fins
    and a mask*

  • Tennis Rackets

    Tennis Rackets

    Maximum allowed weight of
    32 kilos (50 lb)

  • Archery Equipment

    Archery Equipment

    It must be transported in a container that protects the items

  • Bicycles


    Single-seat, without engine, with handlebars folded and lose pedals

  • Golf Equipment

    Golf Equipment

    Golf bag with a maximum of 14 blubs, 12 balls and a pair of shoes

  • Fishing Equipment

    Fishing Equipment

    A pair of boots, a net, two
    canes and maximum dimensions
    of 90 inches

  • Delta wing

    Delta wing

    One wing per bag, maximum 32 kilos (70 lb) and 5 meters long**

*Transportation of high intensity submarine lights is only allowed if the battery part that generates heat is packed separately. All batteries must be protected against short circuits and oxygen tanks for scuba diving must be empty.
You may include an air regulator, a conventional harpoon, a snorkel, a wetsuit and a weight belt in your equipment.

** Applies for transportation in flights within Colombia.

Sports equipment with additional charge

  • Extra cost for transportation on international flights.
  • For flights within Colombia and Peru (Except for international connections) a combination of one baggage piece and a bag weighing a maximum of 23 kilos (50 lb) is allowed without charge. If you exceed the allowed weight, charges for excess baggage and an extra piece will apply, as applicable.

Kitesurf Equipment

Kitesurf Equipment

Includes kits, guiding bar, harness and wakeboards.

Surf Equipment

Surf Equipment

You may check the first bag (paying the corresponding charge) as part of your equipment and take a maximum of three boards in the same bag per Passenger, with a maximum weight of 32 kilos (70 lb) and up to 3.7 meters (12 feet) long*.

Windsurf Equipment

Windsurf Equipment

It includes a board of less than 12 feet and weighing less than 32 kilos (70 lb), a mast and a sail.

​​*Within Ecuador a charge of USD 50 plus applicable taxes.​​

From and to North America

A charge of USD 125* applies, except for Miami to San Jose de Costa Rica or from San Jose de Costa Rica to Miami, where a charge of USD 100* applies.

From and to Brazil

A charge of USD 50* applies for the first bag. From the second bag on a charge of USD 125* per bag weighing a maximum of 32 kilos (70lb) applies.

A charge of USD 100* applies for the remaining international destinations.

​​*Plus applicable taxes.​​

Charges for surfboards and kitesurf on flights with regional airlines

  • A maximum of one board per Passenger is allowed, measuring less than 2 meters.
  • In flights operated by Cessna Caravan planes, the board must be transported outside its bag.
  • In flights operated by Embraer 190 plane you may take surfboards measuring a maximum of 1.8 meters long.
  • In flights operated by ATR, you may take one board per bag.
  • A charge of USD 30* must be paid at the local airports (depending on the destination: Honduras, Costa Rica and/or Guatemala).

​​*Plus applicable taxes.


  • No damaged sports elements or equipment is accepted or transported in damaged packaging or that cannot be manipulated.
  • Sports equipment for which the sum of its dimensions exceeds 230 centimeters (90lb) or weighs more than 45 kilos (100lb) may only be transported using our cargo service and are subject to current policies.
  • It the sports element is checked as an additional free allowed baggage a charge for extra piece will apply and it will be checked subject to availability of space (conditional / standby bag).