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Planning your trip

Make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip by taking into account all the measures and regulations which apply to your flight(s). Find out about the different service options Avianca offers you.




Before you pack make sure you know the size and weight restrictions for baggage as well as the items you're not allowed to take in your bags.​

Special services

We want to give you a service that meets all your requirements and facilitates travel if you need to use any of our special services.

Get to know the characteristics, special conditions and benefits each of our fare options offer you on routes within Colombia and in the rest of the world.

Making​​​​ us an offer with the amount you're willing to pay for an upgrade​ to fly in Business Class​.

Get to know about our travel assistance program, which gives you cover 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at your destination.


We want your purchases to be quick and easy, that's why we offer you different payment methods depending on the country where you're paying from.

Keep in mind all the legal regulations which apply in all the countries where you’re traveling to avoid any problems at immigration.

​​Our partners

Our alliances let us to offer you numerous and diverse route options, destinations, flight services and benefits.