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​New and improved Call Center ​



Starting in February you’ll be able to enjoy major improvements in the service experience provided by our call center, where you’ll find:


A totally redesigned menu

A reduction in the number of routing levels lets you access the options you need in fewer steps, saving you time whenever you contact us.


​Specialized Service for Gold and Diamond members

T​his is a completely new service, designed especially for Elite clients, which during this implementation phase will be available for our Gold and Diamond LifeMiles members.​

If you are an Elite Diamond or Gold member, you only need to have your membership number on hand and in one step you will be attended by a specialist advisor who will help you with all your frequent flyer program needs, sales, advice and general information, without you needing to select more options (only your preferred language).

New options

We have two new options to make your life easier, one for support when you receive notifications, and the other specialized in the expanded services of the LifeMiles program.​

Our numbers​ are still the same, please familiarize yourself with them.