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Government discounts

Ecuador and Panama currently have a discount policy on airline tickets. Here you can find our more details about the characteristics and restrictions for each country.

Please note that the discount only applies to airfares for travel starting in Ecuador.

Travelers with disabilities and/or senior travelers* have access to a 50% discount, children under 12 can access a discount of 33% or 25% according to applicable regulations and persons under 25 years traveling to Europe have a 25% discount granted by the Government of Ecuador.

Purchases can only be made in sales offices or by contacting our call center. So that our Staff can include the purchase discount you must show the Conadis card (for disabled passengers) or the Ecuadorian ID Card for the other cases.

*Women and men over 65 years.

If your purchase includes a senior* Travelers, retiree or pensioner that is a Panama resident or citizen and you want to access the 25% airline ticket offered by the Panamanian government, you must either contact our call center or go to our sales offices to make the purchase.

Please note:

So that our Staff can include the discount when issuing the ticket you must show the corresponding identification documents.

*Men over 60 years– women over 55 years.