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​​A partnership so you can travel within Spain.

Thanks to our partnership with ALSA, you may combine our flights with interurban bus segments in Spain paying a single fare from the origin to your final destination. This way, we increase the connection options in this region with our flights to and from Madrid and/or Barcelona.

Currently, you can only purchase tickets in Spain at our sales offices or travel agencies. Sales through other channels and countries will be available soon.

How to obtain your bus ticket?

You must request it when making your reservation at our sales office or at your travel agency (available in Spain only). The specific conditions of this product shall apply only in this form and by purchasing the plane or bus tickets jointly.​

Find out more about our partnership with ALSA

Below, please find the service conditions. Also, solve your frequent doubts and find out about the routes covered by the agreement.

Learn about the service conditions

Flight segments are subject to Avianca’s General Transportation Conditions.

Avianca’s civil liability is limited to the air segments it operates and ALSA shall be liable for ground segments; this is due to the fact that Avianca acts as a sales channel for ALSA’s services. Therefore, Avianca shall not be liable for damages that the passenger, its baggage or third parties may suffer in routes operated by ALSA.​

ALSA’s General Traveler Conditions govern bus segments with the following exceptions:

Allowed Baggage

ALSA shall honor Avianca’s baggage allowance is the same as Avianca’s for plane and bus segments.​

  • When the connection is from a bus to a plane, you must take your baggage from the bus to the Avianca baggage drop desk. The baggage will be under the passenger’s responsibility during these transfers.
  • ALSA reserves the right not to admit excess baggage or to charge for the excess according to the baggage, animals and bicycle policy.

Cancellations and changes

You must process all changes and cancellations with Avianca, for which the air fare conditions apply. For any change or cancellation, you must inform Avianca before departure of the respective bus.


If a delay of an Avianca flights affects the bus segement, ALSA will authorize travel in the following bus with available seats, at no additional cost.

If you miss your connection with the Avianca flight as a result of a delay by ALSA associated with the plane ticket, the airline will take all reasonable actions to facilitate your trip on the next flight with availability, without additional cost.​​​​

​​We solve your doubts

1. What is ALSA?

ALSA is a Spanish bus company with a broad network of destinations.

2. What type of agreement exists between Avianca and ALSA?

A partnership that allows connecting air segments with bus segments under special conditions.

3. When and how to I check in with ALSA?

You will receive the ALSA bus ticket, which you must present in order to board the bus, along with your Avianca ticket.

4. Do I earn LifeMiles for ALSA segments?

It is not possible.

5. Can I redeem LifeMiles miles in ALSA segments?

It is not possible.

6. Is the connection between Avianca and Alsa completed at the airport?

Yes, the buses arrive/depart from Terminal 4 at the Adolfo Suarez Airport – Madrid Barajas and Terminal 1 at the El Prat Airport in Barcelona. Avianca operates at these same terminals, so connection between both transports is easy and quick.

7. What is the price of the bus ticket?

The value of the bus ticket is included in the air fare.

8. What are the validity and conditions of the bus ticket?

The validity and conditions of the bus ticket are the same as those of the Avianca fare.

9. What special services can I request on the bus?

Avianca cannot offer special services for bus segments.

10. Is it possible to connect with another airline in the outbound flight and return by bus, or vice versa?

It is possible, if both services exist.

11. Who should I address for a complaint or claim?

If they pertain the bus service, you can contact the customer service areas at ALSA. Avianca will also handle requests related to ALSA segments combined with its air tickets.

12. Does ALSA offer business class service, VIP Lounge or onboard service?

No, ALSA has a single cabin, regardless of the air fare class.

Routes offered by the ALSA agreement

Below, you may verify the list of available routes to and from the Barajas Airport in Madrid and to and from the El Prat Barcelona Airport.​


Barcelona ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​