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Great Western Railway/Heathrow Express

​​​​Travel do different destinations in the United Kingdom combining our flights with train segments.

This service is available at our sales offices, call center​ or your travel agency. ​​​​

Key Aspects to connect with Great Western Railway/Heathrow Express

Agreement with Great Western/Heathrow Express

Below, we offer some recommendations to obtain the train tickets. Also, you can check the routes, frequent questions and service conditions.

Recommendations to obtain your ticket

If you purchased an Avianca ticket combined with Great Western Railway/Heathrow train segments, you must take the following into consideration:

  • ​​Your Avianca flight ticket must be issued in order to issue the train tickets.
  • Once your Avianca ticket has been issued, you must issue your Great Western Railway/Heathrow Express train tickets within 72 hours before departure of the train.
  • This procedure must be completed at Acce​ Fill in the indicated fields (name, last name) and enter your Avianca e-ticket or locator number. You must repeat the same steps for you return segment.​

Routes offered with Great Western/Heathrow Express

You can fly between the London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and: 

  • Cardiff
  • Exeter
  • Newport
  • Oxford
  • Par
  • Penzance
  • Plymouth
  • St. Austell
  • Swansea
  • Swindon ​

Solve your doubts ​​

1. What is Great Western Railway (GWR) and Heathrow Express (HEX)?

Great Western Railway is a train company with broad coverage within Great Britain. Heathrow Express​ is an express train service between the Heathrow Airport in London and the Paddington Train Station in the center of London.​

2. What kind of agreement do Avianca and Great Western Railway/Heathrow Express have?​

It is an intermodal agreement to connect our flights with rail services.

3. How and when do I have to check in with Great Western Railway and Heathrow Express? 

You must print you Great Western Railway/Heathrow Express tickets at the​ check in section in within 72 hours before departure of the train (both outbound and inbound). To do this, in the required fields, enter your 6-digit Avianca locator number or your electronic ticket number (in 134-1234567890 format), together with your name and last name, as they appear on your reservation.

4. Do I earn LifeMiles for train segments?

No, train segments do not earn miles. 

5. Can I redeem LifeMiles for Great Western Railway or Heathrow Express segments?

No, it is not possible. 

6. The connection between Avianca and Great Western Railway or Heathrow Express is made at the London Airport?

You can connect with Heathrow Express trains at Heathrow until the Paddington Station in the center of London, where you may connect with Great Western Railway trains. 

7. What is the price of the train tickets?

The train tickets is included in the value of the air fare.

8. What is the validity of the train tickets?

The validity and conditions of the train tickets are the same as those of the Avianca ticket. 

9. What special services can I request on the train?

Avianca does not offer special services for train segments, except for Great Western Rail assistance for senior passengers or passengers with disabilities: +44 (0) 800 197 13 29. In the case of wheelchairs, the passenger must take his or her own. To request assistance for access to Heathrow Express trains, please call +44 (0) 345 600 1515.

10. Can you connect with another airline on your outbound flight and returning on the train or vice versa? 

Yes, both services exist. 

11. Are train route changes allowed before initiating the trip?

Yes, subject to payment of fare differences or penalties that apply to the air fare. 

12. Who must I contact in the event of a claim or complaint? 

For train service, you can contact any of the customer options at Great Western Railway and Heathrow Express. Avianca will also channel requests related to these operators combines with its air tickets at our contact points.

13. Is Business Class Cabin, VIP lounge and onboard service offered on Renfe trains?

Yes, more information at: Great Western Railway and Heathrow Express. ​

​​Learn about the service conditions

Flight segments are subject to Avianca's general transportation conditions.

Great Western Railway’s or Heathrow Express’ General Traveller Conditions apply for train segments. Information is available at:

Avianca’s civil liability is limited to the segments it operates and Great Western Railway / Heathrow Express are liable for ground segments, the latter as a result of Avianca acting as a sales channel for Great Western Railway’s / Heathrow Express’ services. Therefore, Avianca will not be liable for damages that the passenger, its baggage or third parties could eventually suffer on routes operated by Great Western Railway / Heathr​ow Express. 

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Baggage allowance
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