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Empty Seat

Travel with more space on the plane. We like to think about your comfort.


When you travel on Economy Class you can reserve an additional seat next to you by paying an extra charge.


You may purchase this service at the check-in modules at the following airports: ​

North America
Central America and the Caribbean
South America


Departing Charge
​Spain​ ​EUR 25
​London ​GBP 20
From North America, Central America or South America to Europe ​USD 30
​From North America, Central America or South America to From North America, Central America or South America ​USD 25​​

Terms and Conditions

  • Applies for all destinations except Barrancabermeja, Belize, Caracas, Cucuta, Havana, Leticia, Liberia, Manizales, Monteria, Pasto, Popayan, Pereira and Tumaco.

  • The service is offered subject to availability of rows or empty seats available on each flight.

  • If your flight has full capacity and an empty seat may not be assigned, we will reimburse the additional charge.​​

  • You have the right to use the blocked seat for the entire duration of your flight.

  • This product does not entitle you to an additional baggage, or food allowance, or to earn additional miles.

  • This service is not available on all of Avianca’s routes.

  • For additional information, ask our customer service collaborators at the airport.


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