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Baggage irregularities

We make e​very effort to avoid any damage, delay or loss to your baggage, however, our liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited.

For international travel where the Montreal Convention applies, our liability is less than or equal to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights per passenger with ticket, for registered or unregistered baggage as applicable. The value of Special Drawing Rights will vary with exchange rates and may be checked by visiting the International Monetary Fund website.

As established in the conditions of contract attached to your ticket, please remember that we cannot accept any responsibility for baggage with minor damage as a result of normal use and wear caused by its handling, including minor cuts, scratches, abrasions, dents, marks or dirt. 

We recommend you do not include the following items in the baggage you check with the Airline (these must be taken in your carry-on baggage or shipped via a freight company​). The airline's liability is limited if these items have not been declared: 

Irreplaceable, fragile or high-value items ​Works of art, jewelry, money, personal documents, negotiable papers, medical documents and records, eyeglasses, keys, pens or branded pens, antiques, medicine, among others.

Electronic items and accessories ​Computers, electrical appliances photographic equipment, medical equipment, cell phones, data storage devices (MP3 players, USB drives, external drives, iPods etc.), digital tablet computers, game consoles, PDAs and other electronic equipment or components including software, televisions, radios or similar elements.

Perishable food items ​With expiration dates or which require refrigeration. 

Consider carrying medicines and/or important medical devices in your carry-on baggage. To insure your baggage against loss that exceeds the applicable liability limits, you must purchase third party travel insurance.

Compensation is not immediate. The amount payable for loss or damage must be proved to ensure appropriate compensation up to the applicable liability limit.

As our liability is limited in accordance with the provisions of international conventions, we are not responsible for claims that exceed the applicable limits.​

Assistance with your baggage after the trip

We offer our sincere apologies for having caused any inconvenience with regards to your baggage. It is always our intention that all our passengers arrive at their destination on the same flight as their baggage, with the baggage in the same condition as it was when it was checked. However, sometimes unfortunate situations do occur, and you have a reasonable amount of time from the date the flight landed to formally make your claim to either: through, the Baggage Office at the respective airport, our baggage call center. When contacting us please have your baggage tag number to hand. The baggage tag number is comprised of 2 letters and 6 numbers.



We offer our sincere apologies for having caused any inconvenience with regards to your baggage. It is always our intention that all our passengers arrive at their destination on the same flight as their baggage, with the baggage in the same condition as it was when it was checked in. However, sometimes these unfortunate situations do occur for reasons outside of our control.

  • Valuable items such as jewelry, computers, security documents, money, cameras, among others, should always be under your custody. Please note that these items should not be in the baggage you are going to check-in, as the airline's liability is limited if these have not been declared.
  • We take all necessary precautions to protect and safeguard your baggage against any eventuality. However, please remember that bags and suitcases are designed to protect the contents, which is why during normal transport and handling they may display signs of wear and tear, scratches, stains, dents, cuts or loss of protruding parts such as wheels, outer pockets, handles, locks or other attached items. In these cases the Airline cannot assume responsibility for these specific minor damages and other causes resulting from handling.
  • In case of damage, where it can be shown that it did not already exist, we will respond according to the nature of the damage and by taking into account the labels attached by the check-in module staff, depending on its condition.


  • Reports of theft do not apply to perishable goods, improperly packed baggage, or contents which have exceeded the normal capacity of bags/suitcases etc. Claims cannot be made later than seven (7) days after arrival of the passenger at the final destination, or after removing the baggage from our facilities.
  • Claims for theft of items are not valid when the passenger arrived at the airport on another airline.
  • Does not apply to articles with limited liability under laws and regulations such as: jewelry, money, irreplaceable documents, electronics or appliances and the customer will not be given a "Baggage Irregularity Form" for the theft of such articles. For more information see the Contract of Carriage.
  • Applies to electronics and appliances in their original packaging, as long as your travel route is covered by the Warsaw Convention and you have the original invoice. You must submit a receipt for excess baggage if applicable.
  • In the unlikely event of a baggage irregularity whether through damage or loss of items, you have up to seven (7) days to file a claim either at the airport where the event occurred, via the call center or through After this time we accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for any compensation thereof. However, we will do everything we can to solve your problem satisfactorily.
  • When situations of this type occur, we do have specific defined policies and procedures in place, in accordance with industry regulations and our own procedures.
  • The acceptance of a claim does not constitute an admission of liability by the airline before carrying out the respective investigation. If you have a claim it will be analyzed and compensation will be paid if applicable, in accordance with applicable regulations depending on the route flown and under the limitations of liability established by the Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention or other applicable laws.
  • In cases of damage and theft the estimated time to authorize compensation and carry out the accounting process to disburse the payment takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks (assuming the traveler submits the necessary information on time).









Late or delayed baggage

If your baggage did not arrive on your flight please notify our office as soon as possible before leaving the airport. You must complete the “Baggage Claim Form” found in the Baggage Office at the terminal (which is normally in the baggage claim area). If you've already left the airport you can go to


You have a maximum of 21 days from the date you completed your flight to file a formal claim with either, via our websitethe Airport Baggage Office, or through the call center. After making the claim, a Baggage Customer Service Consultant will contact you in a maximum of 2 days to assist you in resolving your problem.

Any traveler who is not a resident in the destination country and whose free baggage allowance did not arrive on the same day of travel shall be entitled to compensation for basic necessities. Compensation for delayed baggage receipts must not include alcoholic beverages, high-end items or payments in luxury restaurants.​


Baggage locator

Your baggage details have been entered into a worldwide search system. To check information about your delayed baggage please click here.

Eligibility to claim for baggage irregularities

  • Baggage reports will be received when the Airline was the last carrier under a single contract of carriage, regardless of which airline issued the ticket.
  • Only expenses for basic necessities are applicable if the passenger did not receive their baggage and is not a resident of the destination country.

​To make a claim for delayed baggage the following are required:


  • Original baggage tag.
  • Original ticket.
  • Travel document.
  • Claims through or Baggage Call Center.

    Our policy is to transport all pieces of delayed baggage in a maximum of 24 hours, except in circumstances beyond the control of the airport, for example: no flights, high season, bad weather, among other reasons.


    Our customer service advisor will keep you constantly informed about the status of your baggage and you'll be notified as soon as it is received. Please only complete the form for baggage irregularities​ if one of our staff tells you to, and send it to the email address they give you.

    Lost items 

    All items transported by customers as unregistered carry-on baggage are the sole responsibility of the passenger and the Company is not liable for them. However, you can report lost items to us through our various communication channels:​, at the airport and call center. If we find a lost item, we will immediately take it to the Baggage Office and you can check with the Baggage Call Center.

    We will always investigate every lost item to try and find its owner. To claim a lost object in the Baggage Office or Baggage Center, the person claiming the item must present their identification and boarding pass. If you are not able to claim the item in person you must submit a signed authorization letter, with a copy of your document and of the document of the person authorized to claim the object.

    In accordance with the Colombian Aviation Regulations (CAR) part, lost items and unclaimed baggage will remain in the airline's possession for six (6) months from the date the baggage arrived, or from when the items were found. The airline is not obliged to respond for the items and as such baggage or abandoned objects may be destroyed.