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San Juan, the island of enchantment

Sites to visit
Museum of Art
     Fifth Centenary Square
      Ocean Park
Origin Destination Frequency Departure time Arribal time
Bogota San Juan Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 2.23 p.m. 6.12 p.m.
San Juan Bogota Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 7.27 p.m. 9.03 p.m.
​Perú ​Bogota ​Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ​5.10 a.m. ​8.15 a.m.
​San Juan ​Bogota ​Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ​7.27 p.m. ​9.03 p.m.
​Bogota ​Peru ​Connects on the flight the next day Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ​5.32 a.m. ​8.30 a.m.

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