Air partners

It’s an alliance signed between 2 or m​ore airlines to offer their Passengers the possibility to access new destinations and benefits, through more routes on flights operated by partner airlines.​

What is a Codeshare agre​ement?

Its primary purpose is to "share" the ​sale of seats on specific flights, one will act as the operator of the route (aircraft, crew, travel permits) and the other(s) will act as distributor(s) of the route putting their code on the flights/routes which apply.

Any change in the itinerary and/or cancellation on the day of the operation (0-24 hours) is handled by the operating carrier directly at the airport. Changes to​ the itinerary and/or cancellation before the day of the operation (2 or more days), is handled by each airline "marketer", who will be responsible for timely contacting and notifying affected passengers.

The baggage​ policy which applies on codeshare flights, it that of the airline operating the most significant leg (usually the longest international route). This information should be checked when purchasing.

Most agreements work this way, but there are some exceptions depending on the agreement signed between airlines.

Through t​hese agreements our Passengers can fly to 75 destinations served by the airlines we have alliances with in addition to the 49 destinations we fly to in Colombia and abroad.

Read The Baggage policy of partner airlines.


  • When tr​aveling on codeshare flights you just need a single ticket for all the legs.
  • Check in once for all the legs included in your trip (in some agr​eements).
  • Baggage is handled from the city of origin to the final destination​ (in some agreements).
  • You can enter the VIP Lounges of partner airlines at each airline terminal (in some agreeme​nts).
  • Enjoy the benefits of the frequent flyer programs of other airlines when flying ​on codeshare routes operated by our airline.

Please ​note

  • If your flights are operated by Satena, Sky Airline and Aeromexico​, you cannot earn or redeem miles.
  • On flights operated by Iberia you’re able to easily e​​​arn miles and access redemption benefits.
  • If you’re a Star Alliance Elite member you earn miles (including qualify​ing miles) and redeem tickets and upgrades when you fly with United, Air Canada and Lufthansa.  

Codeshare agreement


Thanks to the codeshare agreement with Aeromexico, y​ou can fly to the 10 most important destinations in the country of the Aztecs.

Connections from Mexico City: Acapulco, Cancun, Guadalajara, León Guanajuato, Mérida, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, Villa Hermosa and Veracruz.​​


We offer our passengers access to the three most important destinations in Canada through this agree​ment from our hub in Bogota: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The Air Canada operation begins in Bogotá with its nonstop flight to Toronto, which then connects to Montreal or Vancouver.

This agre​ement also covers the sale of flights by our airline from any other city, as long as connections permit.

​From our Hub in San Salvador​ we connect to: 

Domestic Canada from T​oronto to Montreal, Ottawa & from Calgary and Vancouver to Edmonton. From Toronto to Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Mexico, Cancun, Chicago and Bogotá.

From Vanc​ouver to Los Angeles and San Francisco

From Montreal to Orlando​, Miami and Cancun

From Calgary to Los Angeles and Houston​


Through this​ agreement with United Airlines our Passengers can enjoy more connection options between Colombia and the United States. In addition to more routes, the agreement allows miles to be earned on the frequent flyer programs of both airlines.

Connections in the U​nit​ed States

From our Hub in Bogota:

Via Miami: Chicago, Newark.​

Via Fort Lauderdale: Houston 

Via Washington: Boston, Charlotte, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, La Guardia, Kansas, Denver, Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Raleigh Durham, Seattle and Tampa.

From our Hubs in San Salvador or San Jose in Costa Rica we give our clients a range of destinations in the United States which includes: 

Via Dallas: Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago

Via Washington: Hartford, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Newark, Greensboro, Houston, Indianapolis, Nueva York, La Guardia, Kansas city, Harrisburg, Manchester, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland (Maine), Richmond, Roanoke, Rochester and Syracuse.

Via Houston: Denver, Washington, Chicago.

Via Los Angeles: Denver, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Monterrey, Phoenix, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose (California), Santa Maria.

Via Chicago: Dallas, Houston.

Via San Francisco: Arcata, Eugene, Fresno, Los Angeles, Medford, Monterrey, Portland (Oregon), Reno, San Luis Obispo, Seattle, Sacramento​.


T​​hanks to the codeshare agreement with Sky Airline you have the opportunity to fly to or from 7 of the most important cities in Chile: Antofagasta, Concepción, Puerto Montt, Copiapó, Iquique, Calama and Temuco.​


This commercial agreement allows us to offer you 7 additional destinations within the United States, connecting with US Airways, from Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and San Jose, and to or from the cities of Charlotte, Phoenix, Boston, Minneapolis, Raleigh Durham, Philadelphia and La Guardia.​​


With Aerogal you get more flight opti​ons thanks to our codeshare agreement.

Also, in addition to increasing the number of flights between Ecuador and Colombia and between Peru and Ecuad​or, we give you three new destinations within Ecuador:

From Quito: Manta, Guayaqu​il, Cu​enca.

From Guayaquil: Galápagos, Cue​nca, Quito.


Thro​ugh this commercial agreement, we give you a wide network of 10 destinations within Colombia.

Connections from Bogotá to​: Arauca, Buenaventura, Puerto Inírida, Puerto Carreño, Quibdó, San José del Guaviare and Villavicencio.

Connectio​ns from Medellín (Olaya Herrera Airport): Apartadó and Quibdó.

Con​nections from Cali: Guapi.​


Thanks to this Alliance with Avianca Brasil we offer you the opportunity to fly to more destinations in the brazilian country.


Through this alliance we offer you 16 destinations within Spain and one in France, through their hub in Ma​drid.

Connections from ​Madrid: (within Spain) Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, La Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Asturias, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Palma de Mallorca, Málaga, Sevilla, Las Palmas and Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

To France: Paris (Orly airport).​​


With Lufthansa, also a member of the Star Alliance ​network, we fly you to destinations in Colombia and Germany. Our Passengers can enjoy flights operated by Lufthansa on the Bogota-Frankfurt route.​