​Traveling with infants​

Please note the f​​ollowing recommendations for before and during your flight​.

When buying your ticket

  • Please note, you can only fly with babies 10 days after delivery.
  • The infant must have been issued a ticket. This condition does not apply on flights within Colombia as long as the infant is traveling on the lap of an adult.
  • If you’re traveling with an infant its ticket must be associated with yours, we suggest you purchase it at the same time.
  • All infant tickets pay applicable taxes and airport charges.
  • If you’re flying in Business​ or Economy Class and you need a seat for your infant you’ll have to buy a Child or Adult fare.
  • If the Infant is 24 months plus 1 day before or on the return travel date, they will be considered a Child.
  • ​If the infant reaches the age of two before or during the trip, you must select the Child fare when booking to avoid any issues before your return flight.
  • For Business Class and Economy Class, the respective baggage allowance will apply for the infant.​


For a​n infant to travel one of the following fares must have been bought: ​

Traveling with infants​

Tick​​et Type

Location of Infant

​Infant disco​​unt

Infant ​​in arms.​

Full far​e​

Will be assigned a seat on the aircraft and must bring a baby seat that is approved for commercial flights.​

Bookings are allowed with interline and/or codeshare legs between airlines where an agreement exists.


  • All flight routes must be in the same contract of carriage.
  • All the flights must be confirmed.
  • ​If you decide to pay an adult fare for an infant to secure their seat, we’ll apply the baggage allowance according to the cabin class in which you are traveling. Check the baggage policy​ that applies to your trip.

Important: the guidelines, conditions and restrictions of the infant service provided by the otherairline must be checked.

During your flight

If a​n infant requires a seat​​:

  • They must travel with an adult ticket.
  • Make sure the baby seat you’ll use for your flight meets the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) safety requirements, please check the information on the back of the baby seat to verify its characteristics), otherwise, the baby seat will be classified as an extra piece of baggage in addition to the baggage allowance. Please note that respective charges may apply.
  • When traveling with an adult ticket, the infant has the right to the meal service and baggage allowance.

You can transport a maximum of 2 infants in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The first infant must fly seated on your lap and must use the seatbelt for infants provided by the cabin crew. You must hold the infant.
  • The second infant must pay for a seat and be transported in a crib or baby seat that is approved or labeled for use on commercial aircraft. 
  • Only one infant in arms is allowed per adult.

To travel with infants under 10 days old, both the mother and infant will not be allowed to travel unless a medical certificate attesting their fitness to fly is presented.

In-flight cradle service

In-flight cradle service

Who can use the service?

Infants weighing up to 11 kgs that are not larger than the cradle (29.5 X 13.38 X 8.82 inches); as long as the flight is operated by an Airbus aircraft and cradles are available.

How can I order the service?​

Request it when checking in at the airport counters. The flight assistant will install the crib once you are in the aircraft after takeoff. It will also be uninstalled before landing.

Conditions of service:

  •  The crib service is only available on flights operated by A330 aircraft.
  • Cribs will be assigned on a first come first served basis. To guarantee the safety and comfort of babies, they will be checked in the aircraft to make sure they comply with the required characteristics.