Airport arrival times

Below we indicate the minimum required times to arrived at the airport. This depends on the flight route and the type of Check In you want to perform. 

To avoid any issues we recommend you arrive as far in advance of your flight as possible.​

If you are using our online Web Check In (Web, Mobile or Kiosks) service and you only have carry-on baggage, you must go directly to the boarding gate for your flight (the gate number can be found on the airport flight information screens). 

If you've already checked in online (Web, Mobile or Kiosks) and you have baggage to check, make sure you leave a little more time and go straight to the special baggage drop off line.​

We recommend you arrive well before the boarding gate closing time that appears on your boarding pass.​

​​Flights Online Check In with baggage*
Online Check In without baggage to check**
Kiosks Check In or  Check In at the Airport*** 

Within Colombia

​45 minutes ​35 minutes ​1 hour
Within Ecuador  ​​45 minutes ​​35 minutes 1 ​hour​

Within Peru

​1 hour ​45 minutes 2 hours

From Central America​

​2 hour ​1 hour and 30 minutes ​3 hours

From North America

​2 hour
​1 hour
​3 hours

​From Europe

2 hour ​ 1 hour and 30 minutes​ ​3 hours​

From South America

​2 hours and 15 minutes
1 hour
​3 hours

From Colombia

​2 hours​ ​1 hour and 30 minutes ​3 hours​

From Venezuela

3 hours
​2 hours
​3 hours

*We recommend you arrive well before the boarding gate closing time that appears on your boarding pass. 
**Arrive with a little more time you can check your baggage and so you have enough time before the boarding gate closing time that appears on your boarding pass.
***Leave a lot more time for check in, check you baggage and arrive well before the scheduled departure time for your flight.

You must present all the required documents and comply with the obligatory proceduresbefore boarding.​