Legal requirements 

Make sure you have all the required documents according to the specific immigration regulations and requirements for your destination country, before you start your trip.​


Documents to take on your trip

We show you what documents you need to provide the airport authorities.

Travelers in Transit without visa

Read our recommendations for when you have a scheduled stop in a country which isn't your final destination.

Sales tax rebate for non-Colombian tourists

If you're an international passenger visiting Colombia, and are thinking about doing some shopping while in the country, find out all the items with a 100% Sales Tax refund in this useful list.

Travel to and from the United States

Get to know the information you need to provide the U.S. authorities.​

Insecticide in passenger cabins

Some countries require airlines to use insecticides in their aircraft cabins. We've got all the information you need to know about this subject so you're can travel with complete peace of mind.​

Minors traveling

Get to know the laws and regulations for minors departing from Colombia, Mexico and Peru. ​