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Collection of Games


Videojuego soccer

Soccer challenge: Sports series

Number of players: 1

Description: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Thanks to its easy to follow rules it is accessible to all ages and players who must stay alert at all times. The game offers attack play and practice mode options, and its realistic graphics give you an experience that replicates the thrill and action of a real association football match. Challenge the opposing team now and get the chance to be world champion!

Videojuego solitaire


Number of players: 1

Description: Playing on your own can be fun and exciting. The most famous card game of all time will give you hours of fun. How you do depends on what you deal, what cards you reveal and your strategy.

Video juego chess


Number of players: 

Description: Chess has been played around the globe for centuries. Both beginners and experts alike can participate in the best strategy game in the world. Move pawns, knights and bishops with caution, and make sure you protect your king to avoid being checkmated.

videojuego golf


In fligth golf tournament sport series

Number of players: Full cabin (Multiplayer)

Description: This 3D golf game offers a stunning simulated golf experience. Practice your shots or compete against people on you flight in a cabin golf tournament! Choose a 9 or 18-hole course and have fun with realistic sound effects and Pro voice commentary.

Videojuego millonaire

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Number of players: 1

Description: Finally you've got the chance to participate in this huge television hit and test your general knowledge! Now you can participate in this huge TV hit and test your general knowledge! All you need to do is answer 15 questions correctly. Do you know the answer or do you need a lifeline? Answer them all correctly to win the top prize!


Video juego animal factory

Animal Factory

Number of players: 1 

Description: Re-assemble the body parts to create different animals. It's the perfect game to learn about a variety of animals and test your memory.

Videojuego disney classic

Classic Disney Games

Number of players: 1 

Description: The wonderful world of Disney is the ideal environment for children to learn. Choose from 3 separate activities which all take place in the world of Donald duck, with his friends Goofy, Pluto and family. Your kids can enjoy interesting educational content centered around the alphabet, color knowledge and memory tasks.