Baggage with partner airlines​

If your flight has a leg in Codeshare or Interline agreement with one of our partner airlines and you want to know what the baggage policy is that applies for your trip, this information should answer your questions. If you need more information please contact our call center.

Interline agreements with other airlines

The baggage policy of the first carrier crossing the area (America, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania) will be respected.

If this is not the case the policy of the first carrier crossing the sub-area will apply (For example from North to Central America).

If neither of the above cases apply the policies of the carrier on the first international sector applies. 


Baggage documentation policy 

  • If the policy of both airlines is the same, this policy will apply. 
  • If the policy is different between the participating airlines the MSC (Most Significant Carrier) will apply.

The MSC is chosen according to the IATA​ definition. IATA divides global air traffic into three groups:



Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
North America, South America, Central
America and Hawaii.
Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Asia and Oceania.

The MSC d​epends on movements the airlines make between these zones and is defined in the following order: 

  • The first carrier to cross from one zone to another. Example: the carrier who crosses from America to Europe.
  • The first carrier who crosses from one sub-area to another. Example: the carrier who crosses from Europe to Africa or from South America to North America. 
  • The first international carrier in the zone where trips are within a sub-area. Example: the first international carrier in a trip from San Jose, C.R. to Panama City.​
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Allied Airlines interline agreement



Airline Hub
LAN Colombia Colombia
LAN Ecuador Ecuador
LAN Peru Perú
TAME-Línea Aérea del Ecuador Ecuador



Airline Hub
Insel Airlines Antillas Neelandesas
Liat (1974) Ltd. Barbados
Bwia International Airways Ltd. Barbados


Airline Hub
Air Caledonie International New Caledonia
Air New Zealand Oceania New Zeland
Air Niugini Pty Limited New Guinea
Qantas Airways


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