Information on the Venezuela and Barbados operations

Due to operational limitations, we suspended our flights to and from these countries. Let us know if you have any questions.

Are you looking for information on refunding your ticket? With you in mind and committed to offer you the best experience, check this list of questions and answers about our flights in Venezuela and Barbados.

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If you ticket included a segment to and/or from Barbados, learn why we suspended our flights and how you can request a refund. 

About Avianca’s decision

  • Why did we take the decision to suspend our flights to and from Barbados?

The current conditions are associated with operational difficulties. Regrettably, suspension of flights to Venezuela resulted in some operational limitations such as air space restrictions and very long flight times, which led us to the decision of suspending flights between Bogota and Barbados indefinitely. 

  • Will we resume operations in Barbados?

For the time being the suspension is indefinite.

About the suspension of flights

  • What flights did we cancel?

We cancelled two weekly flights (four segments) connecting Bogota and Barbados. A Bogota – Barbados flight and a Barbados – Bogota flight.

  1. AV 0124 BOG – BGI
  2. AV 0125 BGI – BOG
  • When did we suspend these flights?

As of Saturday, July 29, 2017, we do not operate to and from Barbados. 

About refunds and protection for our passengers

  • What will happen with the tickets I purchased?

If you had a flight scheduled for July 29 and thereafter, we will reimburse 100% of the value you paid.

  • How can I request a refund and what are the conditions?

If you booked a flight later than July 29, you can request a 100% refund of the value paid regardless of the fare. Request it through our website, travel agencies, sales offices and the Venezuela, Colombia and Peru call centers. You will pay no penalty as long as the tickets were issued by Avianca, TACA Peru, TACA, Lacsa or Aerogal.

If you purchased your ticket at a travel agency, process your refund there. If you paid in cash, the agency must refund your money immediately.

To request a refund through our website, visit the refund request page.

  • Can I change the date on my ticket?

No. We suspended our flights to and from Barbados on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

  • Can I be reimbursed for a single segment?

Yes. As long as your ticket was issued by Avianca, TACA Peru, TACA, Lacsa or Aerogal.

  • How will partially used tickets be refunded?

The penalty is waived and the refund is proportional to the unused segments. If you want to request a refund for a single segment, you may do so after using the segments you can fly.

  • Can I use my ticket as a method of payment to purchase another one?

Yes, you can do so without requesting the refund. Call our call center for additional information.

  • If you have a ticket with multiple destinations, can I request a refund for a segment with Caracas as origin or destination and keep the others?

Yes, but you must first use the segments you can use and later request a refund for the segments with Caracas as origin or destination.

  • Can I request a refund of the administrative fee associated with my ticket?

Yes. You can do so if you have not initiated your flight and if you acquired your ticket at our website, sales offices or call center. If you purchased your ticket a travel agency, the decision of refunding this fee is up to them.

Yes, we will refund 100% of the value paid for the requested service. Request the refund through our website, sales offices or contacting our call center

About LifeMiles

  • What if I purchased a ticket with miles?

If you redeemed your miles to fly to Barbados between June 28 and July 29, 2017, you may change your ticket’s destination by calling our call center. These changes are subject to availability. 

  • What happens with my miles if I am a frequent flyer and I live in Barbados?

There is no problem. You may continue to use our LifeMiles services and benefits. 

If you purchased your ticket at a travel agency, you must process your refund request with them. If you purchased through other means, visit our refund request page. 

You have more questions? Call our call center