R​efunds request

You can enter your refund request corresponding to unused airline tickets or taxes. If you​'ve already made the request you can check the status of your refund​.

The online tool is not available if you redeemed your ticket with miles. To request a refund please contact our call center or go to one of our sales offices​.​

Access to the terms and restrictions. ​

You must enable pop-up windows in your browser to continue with the process. ​​

All the tickets you're going to enter must have been issued by the same airline, otherwise you'll need to enter them in separate requests.

According to the issuing airline. Type the ticket number without entering the first 3 digits:

134 Avianca | 133 Lacsa | 202 Taca International | 530 Taca Peru

Example: Ticket Number (Avianca) 8497585547