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                                                                        TURNS OUT THE MAN                                                                                      WHO’S SEEN IT ALL, HASN'T.                                     

                                                                           Check out his trip on the Star Alliance website.

We celebrate 20 years with new adventures

We sent Robert Reid, a writer for National Geographic, to five unique cultural experiences around the world. Find out the challenges he faced. 


He abandoned the comforts of
his hotel’s gym. Practiced
muay thai at a local gym. 


He surpassed his limits and overcame
his fear of heights. He saw the city from a
completely new perspective. 

Arctic (Canada)

He survived below-zero temperatures.
We met the Inuit and learned
a new skill: “throat singing”.

New Mexico

he took part in a Navajo ‘Drum
Roll Call’ in front of thousands
of Native Americans.


He experimented a race horse at
Ushguli, the highest village in Europe
in the Caucasus Mountains. 

At the end of his trip with the 5 founding airlines of Star Alliance, Robert discovered that there are always new experiences around the corner. All you have to do is look.

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