Baggage policy

Before packing, find out the dimensions, weight and items you can or cannot carry in your baggage and enjoy a flight without setbacks. Keep in mind our recommendations. 

  • Free baggage allowance​

    Learn about the characteristics of baggage you can take with no additional cost in the plane’s hold. 

  • Carry-on baggage​

    The weight of your carry-on baggage allowance ​varies according to your LifeMiles or Star Alliance status, or the class you’re flying in.​​

  • Additional baggage​

    Your baggage may be overweight or oversized. Please check the costs that apply according to your flight.​

  • Dangerous goods​

    Certain items are considered hazardous and are not allowed on our flights. Find out what they are.

  • Special baggage​​

    You can transport baby strollers, musical instruments and other items which require special handling.

  • Sports equipment​

    You can transport some sporting goods without paying additional fees. Confirm the sizes and weights here.​

  • Baggage with partner airlines​​

    If you’re flying with partner airlines in codeshare or interline agreements, check the baggage policy that applies to your trip.​​

  • Baggage irregularities​

    We make every effort to take care of your baggage, but in some occasions our responsibility is limited.​

  • Pets on board​

    Please take into account our recommendations according to the characteristics of the flight and your pet.​​

  • General recommendations​​

    Practical tips when packing, checking in and claiming your baggage.​