Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions concerning flying

  1. Can I find out information about flight departu​res and arrivals online?
    Yes, please use Flight Status option on the home page. 
  2. Can I make ticket changes through
    No, to make a change you have to contact our call center​  where a customer service representative will check the ticket. Changes will only be made if fare conditions permit.
  3. What happens if I am unable totake the scheduled flight and where I can cancel my booking?​
    You must contact our call center  to cancel your flight in order to avoid no-shows (this is the non-cancellation or failure on behalf of the traveler to access a travel service agreed with the airline through a contract of carriage), as in some cases this can result in the total loss of your ticket, especially when you have non-refundable fares on international routes.
  4. How can I change my tr​avel date?
    Date changes are subject to space availability. Depending on the Fare Type, you must pay a change penalty, which depend on the conditions of each Fare Type. If the original fare is not available you must also pay the different between the current and original fare. To make the date change you can contact our call center
  5. How can I change my reservation?
    To make a change to your itinerary please contact our call center.​
  6. What do I need to keep in mind when g​oing through customs?
    We recommend you have all the documentation required by the authorities when departing Colombia and also entering your destination country. Please remember that the Police, Customs and other airport security control authorities, in the origin and destination, can open and search your bags​ even when they have been shrink wrapped and without the passenger needing to be present.
  7. Can I select/reserv​e my seat?
    Yes, use our Web Check-In service, in 24 hours prior to departure of your flight. You can select your available preferred seat, which will be confirmed on your boarding pass. You can also reserve a seat 72 hours prior to departure of your flight through our call center, depending on your fare. 
  8. Where can I check the immigration and/or healt​h requirements to enter a specific country as a final destination or in transit?
    We recommend you check these immigration and/or health requirements in the different embassies or consulates in the country where you are traveling as a final destination or in transit. This is the sole responsibility of the Passenger and not the Airline.
  9. Why is it important to read th​e contract of carriage for my flight?
    We want to always keep you informed and we work hard to make sure you have all the necessary information at hand about the terms and conditions of our service and so you know the degree of responsibility we undertake in certain situations. For more information please check the contract of carriage or read it in your ticket slip.

Frequently asked questions concerning the baggage

  1. What is the free baggage limit?
    To find out the maximum free baggage allowance when you travel, you need to take different factors into account, such as your travel route and the class you're flying in: Economy or Business Class. Also if you have LifeMiles Silver, Gold or Diamond status or Star Alliance Gold Level, you can enjoy additional benefits. Visit our free baggage allowance page to read more.
  2. What is the carry-on baggage all​owance?
    You can take 1 piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 22 lbs./10kg, which is no larger than 45 inches/115 cm (length + width + height). Read more information about carry-on baggage.
  3. How can I find out information about baggage polic​ies for my scheduled flight?
    On the top of our website, you’ll find the option Travel information then the heading “Plan your trip” and the link Baggage, where you’ll find all the respective information.
  4. What’s the time limit to file a baggage claim?
    You can file your claim through two different channels: at the airport where the issue occurred or through the Baggage Call Center.​ The deadline to file your claim depends on the type of issue. For destruction, theft, loss or damage, you have up to 7 days (subject to type of flight) from the date of receipt of your baggage to report it. For delayed baggage, you have up to 21 days to report the incident. Your claim will not be processed after these deadlines.
  5. How can I m​ake sure my baggage arrives with me?
    Please always put identification on your checked baggage, and include another label inside the bag to ensure we can identify your baggage in case the outer label is lost. Please remember, medicine, money, valuable documents, keys, jewelry, cameras and other small fragile goods, should preferably be kept in your carry-on baggage. If you want to make a baggage claim, please visit our baggage locator section.
  6. Can I take perishable items in my baggage?
    Perishable items are very delicate and if they are not transported on the same flight as you they will spoil. We suggest you do not transport these items. However, if you decide to transport them you do so at your own risk and subject to acceptance by the customs authorities of the destination country.
    Please remember that perishable items are not allowed in "Stand By" baggage. Read more information about your baggage.​
  7. What is "Stand By" or "Subject to Space​ " baggage?
    “Standby” or “Subject to Availability” baggage are pieces in addition to those defined as baggage allowance, as its name indicates, that travel subject to space. If it is not possible to transport them on your flight, they will be delivered within a maximum term of 8 days for international flights and 4 days for domestic flights. Transportation of these pieces may be subject to additional excess baggage charges.
  8. Up to what point is the Airline responsible for items in checked baggage?
    We are responsible for products that are for your use and convenience, with the following exceptions: fragile items, antiques, works of art, books, photos, documents, securities, televisions, computers and other electronic items and accessories, mobile devices and accessories, video or photographic equipment and optical accessories, furs, money, jewelry, precious metals, medicines or medical supplies, perishable items or any article that you could carry with you in the passenger cabin such as: samples, articles for commercial use, unique and irreplaceable items and similar valuable items. Valuable items should always be under your care and custody, so we ask you to please transport them in your carry-on baggage. Read our information on limited liability with baggage​.  
  9. What should I do if my carry-on baggage is taken from me at the aircraft door?
    Due to space restrictions your carry-on baggage may be taken from you at the aircraft door. If this happens you must take your valuable objects out of your baggage and take them with you as the rest of the carry-on baggage will have to be transported as checked baggage  ​and will be governed by the terms and the conditions this type of baggage entails.
  10. What are baggage tags? Why are they important?
    Baggage tags are the receipt airlines give their customers to identify each of their checked pieces of baggage. They are very important and should not be lost or thrown away, even when you arrive at your final destination as they are indispensable in case you have a baggage ​claim at a later date.

Frequently asked questions concerning Check In

  1. What is Web Check-In and how can I use it?
    You can use the Web Check-In between 3 and 24 hours prior to departure of your flight. Make sure your reservation includes less than 8 people and that the itinerary of your flight does not have more than two connections between the origin and the destination. Web check-in is not available if: you have assigned any special services, you have travel itineraries that include codeshare routes (codeshare segments) or connections with other airlines. You may only check-in on Avianca flights. If you cannot use web check-in, you can visit one of our kiosks located at the airport or check-in 3 hours prior to departure of your flight for international destinations. 
  2. What should I d​o if the images on my boarding pass don’t show correctly?
    The images on your boarding pass are important as they contain the barcode you need to check in. They may not display properly for various reasons, including the type of browser or its configuration, the computer software or hardware and the internet connection. We recommend you refresh your browser to reload the page so the images show correctly. If you cannot solve the problem you must check in using one of our Kiosks or go to the airport at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure.
  3. I forgot to print my boar​ding pass after Web Check-In. What should I do?
    You must request your boarding pass from one of our staff at the airport, at least 3 hours prior to your flight. You need to have a printed boarding pass and a photo ID to go through security controls.
  4. I purchased my ticket, didn’t print my itinerary and forgot to note my confirm​ation number. What can I do?
    You can see your confirmation number by entering the email you registered when making your purchase, if you don’t have access we recommend you contact our call center,  or enter your confirmation number in our webpage in the Check Itineraries option to check it. 
  5. Can I reserve a seat when I purchase in
    Yes, on purchasing you can pre-select your seat. However, the availability of this option depends on the route and Fare Options you choose. This benefit is also available when you purchase through our call centerSales OfficesViajes Éxito  and at your favorite travel Agency. 
  6. Can I check in​ through
    Yes, use our Web Check-In. Service. Once you’ve generated your e-ticket you can enter and obtain your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight departs taking into account that the service is available for:
  • Bookings of up to nine Passengers.
  • Tickets acquired at any Sales Office.
  • For Passengers flying to or from Colombia and to all international destinations. 
  • Passengers with or without baggage (new exclusive baggage drop-off module at the airport). 

For more information please Check In section in our website.


Frequently asked questions concerning other issues

  1. I’ve requested a refund. How can I check the request status?
    If you made your request on the website, you can check the status of your refund at the refund section​ (an option of with the filing number sent to your e-mail upon making the refund request or you can contact our call center.
  2. Can minors travel alone?
    Yes, you can request the Unaccompanied Minors Service for children over 5 years, which is obligatory for children traveling alone up to 12 years. For more information please check the page Unaccompanied minors.
  3. Can I fly if I’m pregnant?​
    Yes you can travel, as long as you meet the following requirements:
    If you are 28 weeks pregnant or later you must show a medical certificate for each flight. This must specify both the estimated due date and state that you are able to fly without any risk from the departure point to the destination. Please note the medical certificate must be issued no more than 10 days before travel.
    During the flight you cannot sit in the emergency row. 
    Please note that both you and your baby may only fly 10 days after delivery. Otherwise, you must present medical certificates providing you both clearance to travel.
  4. What happens if I have special mobility requirements?
    We’re here to help you if you have any special needs when boarding ​or getting off your flights. Tell us about your requirements when you make your booking and we can provide you a wheelchair service to and from the doors.
  5. ​What do I have to do if I’m traveli​ng​ with my own wheelchair?
    Please tell us when you make your booking or at least 25 hours before your scheduled flight departure. For more information about the wheelchair requirements you have to comply with please see our section Traveling with Disabilities.
  6. W​here can I find information about the LifeMiles program?
    For information about the frequent flyer program, you should see in the top menu of Travel Information option, then other services, LifeMiles. You can also access the site​.​