Work with us

We want to attract, develop and commit world-class human talent. 


Find out about our selection and training process for pilots in Colombia.

We are passionate about building dreams, that is why we want you to be a part of our 2020 flight. With your talent, we will provide our clients exceptional experience and become the preferred Latin American airline in the world. 

What type of persons are we looking for?

We want to help you develop your talents and skills. We are looking for natural-born leaders with the ability to easily adapt to changes, service oriented and with a motivation to achieve every goal they set for themselves.

Leadership: people who inspire their teams with passion, accompanying their self-development and empowerment so they may act with good judgment and recognize their achievements.

Service-oriented: people with a genuine interest in understanding the needs of their clients, with a passion to provide exceptional service experiences.

people who are passionate about their job and focused on aligning their teams and development conversations to achieve their goals.

Adaptability: people who can quickly adapt to transformation processes, responding with passion to the needs of clients and the organization. 

Benefits Plan

Some consider it work, we think of it as our passion and that is why we offer advantages that improve the quality of life of our people. That is indispensable to motivate them to fly higher.

  • Life insurance policy and health plan: we have your wellbeing and safety in mind. These policies protect you and your family in any event.
  • Ticket benefits: With this program, we want you to fulfill your dream of discovering the world. 
  • Food and transportation aid: we want to contribute to your wellbeing and mobility. 
  • Flexible time: we want you to enjoy and optimize your time, so we have implemented schedules that fit your needs. 
  • Home Office: Avianca wants you to enjoy the comfort of your home, avoiding traffic and contributing to the environment. 

These benefits apply depending on the position of the collaborator and the country where he or she is located. 

We are passionate about world-class talent. We want you to fly higher with us. Take a chance and participate in our talent recruitment processes.