United by the beats, committed to childhood

Donate your miles and join great Latin American artists so that more children receive the medical attention they need.

The Banco de Millas turns your LifeMiles into life opportunities. Through this program, we provide transportation to children with limited resources to different locations where they can receive specialized medical treatment. Make a donation of at least one dollar and download your favorite songs. Also, receive works of art made by children who have benefited from the program.

Committed Artists


Stephanie Zelaya

La Makina del Karibe

José Cañas
Costa Rica

Burning Caravan

Helping is our destiny. Visit Banco de Millas and make your donation.

Restults of the Banco de Millas
2010-2015: 1 900 children benefited from the program.
Donaciones: 52'184 566 miles.


Fundación Cardio Intantil


Instituto Nacional de Cancerología