Fuerza en Movimiento

Testimonials that portray excellence in Latin America


Avianca and CNN en Español present Fuerza en Movimiento

A series of programs that show a point of view, challenges and recipes for success of the main executives of international companies that contribute to economic growth in Latin America.

Bolivia, agents of change

Learn about three companies in Bolivia that meet the superfood demand. These ancestral products promote sustainability and development of the economy. 

Watch this chapter on October 17 on CNN en Español.

Fourth season

Peru, fields of innovation

Learn about three companies that strengthen organic agriculture. Their purpose is to promote the country’s growth as an agricultural exporter through bio-markets and haute-cuisine.

Argentina, a creative economy

Part of the wealth of Buenos Aires comes from its intellectual and artistic capital. Music, theatre, literature and movies contribute with 10% of the city’s GDP.

Miami, an entrepreneurship laboratory

Learn about the story of three B2B (business to business) companies. These high impact companies rely on technology to strengthen their human capital.

Costa Rica, with an innovative conscience

Learn about three companies that are innovating with a conscience in the technology, health and environment industries.

Uruguay, the fluidity of money

This country exports computer software, tablets and smartphones. Learn about 3 companies that bet on adequate cash flow management.

Avianca, innovation in technology

The aviation company inaugurated the MRO in Colombia. The Aeronautical Center offers aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Third season

Mexico: automotive power

Mexico is the seventh producer of automobiles in the world. Many companies are looking to expand and new companies want to explore this territory.

Ecuador: the business of recycling

Ecuador, like many countries in Latin America, has a poor recycling culture. The Government and citizens are looking for a way to change this situation.

Colombia: the flower industry

Innovations in the floriculture industry in Colombia lead the way for new opportunities for many entrepreneurs.

Peru: the fruits of innovation

Thirty-five percent of Peruvian innovation occurs in the agribusiness: an industry included in the government’s diversification plan.

Renewable energies

“Green” energy is the energy of the future and Central America has characteristics that favor this industry’s development.

Second season

Entrepreneurial Connection

We travel to Miami to meet with some of the guests we visited in 2015 and find out the conditions that a strategist must meet.

Entrepreneurial Leadership​

What is a leader? What is its most important characteristic? We travel to Colombia to find out three examples of entrepreneurial leadership.

Corporate Social Responsibility​

Discover a vision where corporate social responsibility aspires to make companies more competitive, ethical and sustainable.

Human Resources

In order to expand the knowledge of Latin American businesses we investigate how to use a technological approach in the Human Resources area.


Force in Motion arrived to Ecuador to talk to three business technology and computing solutions leaders in search of improving productivity.

Research and Development

In June, Xavier Servia travelled to Chile to showcase three cases where he witnessed that research and development contribute to success in business.

Markets and Financial Administration

For May’s edition of Force in Motion, we travelled to Mexico to dive into the world of finance.

Logistics and Supply Chain

In April, Peru was the destination of the Force in Motion team. There, we investigated three relevant logistics cases in the country.