We offer solutions to compensate any inconvenience that occurs due to unforeseen circumstances.

When can I request a compensation?

1. Delays or cancellations due to internal causes

Compliance of your flight itinerary is affected by irregularities attributable to our Airline. 


2. Voluntary denied boarding

Your itinerary was flexible and, due to overbooking, you gave up your seat in exchange of compensation. 


3. Involuntary denied boarding

In an overbooking situation, we could not find volunteers to give up their seat. Therefore, in exchange for compensation, you are denied boarding without your consent. Applies for Spain, the United States and London.


4. Baggage irregularities

In the event of a delay, damage or pillage of your baggage


5. Restricted or inoperable seats

Your comfort is affected because a seat is in poor state or presents a risk for you.

How do we compensate you?

With LifeMiles

If you are a LifeMiles frequent traveler, redeem your miles and enjoy multiple benefits.


Through an EMD or MPD

An EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) or MPD (Multiple Purpose Document) is a document that represents a sum of money and is delivered for you to redeem for services on our Avianca Holdings S.A. Airlines (Avianca, TACA International, TACA Peru, Avianca Ecuador S.A. and Lacsa).

Uses and restrictions of your compensation

Redemption with LifeMiles

We will give you a coupon that certifies you are a beneficiary of a LifeMiles miles compensation. You can use it in Spain, the United States, London, Chile and other countries.

Learn about how to use our miles, how to earn them and the conditions to use the receipt.

Redemption with EMD / MPD

An electronic coupon known as EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) or MPD (Multiple Purpose Document) issued by the company that operates the flight as payment for compensation.

It represents a specific sum of money that you can use for total or partial payment with Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A. (Lacsa), Transamerican Airlines S.A. (known as Taca Perú) or Avianca Ecuador S.A., (the associated companies).


You can purchase the following products or services with this electronic coupon.

  • Tickets. 
  • Fare differences or penalties for changes on tickets. 
  • Upgrades to travel on Business Class. 
  • Additional baggage. 
  • Special services. 
  • LifeMiles miles.
  • Up to 30% of the price of a travel plan with Avianca Tours. 
  • Administrative fee to issue a ticket (only in Europe). 

Voluntary denied boarding, cancellations, delays and restricted seat

Involuntary denied boarding

Baggage irregularities